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Courier & Delivery

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Cash Back


Simply add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back.


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Courier & delivery insurance will cover



Vehicle Accidents



Office Emergencies



Customers’ Packages



Damaged Goods

Get affordable insurance solutions and cost-saving benefits to support & optimise your courier & delivery business

As a business owner in the delivery and transport industry, you know that it is a balancing act with a lot of moving parts, with employees constantly juggling different jobs and rushing from one location to the next. Your business’s success depends on the safety of your staffproperly working machinery, and a well-maintained fleet of vehicles, whether they are trucks, cars, motorbikes, or bicycles. 


But maintaining a working fleet and making your deliveries comes with its challenges, especially with road safety becoming increasingly an increasingly concerning matter. Bad road conditions have led to fatal accidents while truck hijackings are becoming more frequent, making it increasingly more important to invest in the right courier and delivery insurance cover for your business.


So, whether you’re in the business of postal deliveries such as printed matters or small parcels, or the delivery of various eCommerce and other retail products like groceries, fast food, clothes, electronics, furniture, toys, and household items, we understand that any time you’re not delivering you’re losing income. This is why we offer tailored insurance solutions for your sector.




General Liability Insurance 

From the unexpected fire on your premises and customer’s getting injured on your premises, General Liability Insurance offers your business complete operational coverage.


Goods in transit Insurance 

From goods broken due to unexpected bumps in the road to parcels stolen at robots while out on delivery, adding Goods In Transit insurance to your policy is key for any business in the delivery and transport industry.


Commercial Auto Insurance 

From someone in your fleet getting into a collision or someone skipping a red robot causing an accident, Commercial Auto Insurance is a vital insurance policy for delivery service businesses.


Business Property Insurance 

From hail damage to your business property to an intruder breaking in and damaging your building, Business Property insurance will protect your business from natural disasters. 


Equipment Breakdown Insurance 

From a transformer that's seen better days to a malfunctioning loading bay, Equipment Breakdown Insurance will insure you against machinery setbacks so that your business can carry on. 


Employee Dishonesty Coverage   

From an accountant who embezzles money, a driver that steals packages and claims they were delivered, to a warehouse employee breaking into your building in the middle of the night to take supplies, Employee Dishonesty coverage will ensure that their actions don’t become your losses. 


When you choose tailored Business Insurance Solutions from Budget Insuranceyou also get a wealth of benefits designed to optimise your business performance and streamline your processes. 


Motor only policies  Budget Insurance doesn’t require you to take out comprehensive car insurance for your entire fleet, but rather offers you the opportunity to insure the number of cars necessary based on their size and your budget, so that you only pay for what you Insure. 


Cash back benefit  After remaining claim-free for two yearswith no interruption of cover, your business will receive a cash-back benefit that you could invest back into your business to boost your cash flow. 


Biz Assist – Designed to help you grow your business as well as assist in emergency situations: 


Business performance support 



For more information about these services, find out more about Business Assist. 

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Business Insurance is there to protect you against the many risks that come with running a business.


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Business Concierge


Our assistants are on standby 24/7 to help you with your administrative business needs.


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Biz Assist


Biz Assist is automatically included in all our courier insurance policies to help you navigate and excel in a competitive market.


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Frequently asked questions

Why do you need a courier insurance company?

A package can travel a long way from the origin to the buyer. On the way, a lot can happen to it. A courier driver could be a little too rough with delicate contents; a vehicle accident could result in package losses; a fire could happen at the warehouse; or sometimes, things can just get lost and no one knows why. Courier insurance companies, like Budget, provide insurance against these events and others, saving you money when the unexpected happens.

Who can use courier and delivery insurance?

We cover all types of businesses that transport goods and packages, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer. We even offer food delivery insurance, so if you own a takeaway, you can get comprehensive, budget-friendly cover. And it doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you’re using to make your deliveries. We offer car, truck, trailer, and motorcycle courier insurance. 

What does courier and delivery insurance cover specifically?

We offer delivery driver insurance, vehicle, trailer, truck, and motorcycle courier insurance, and goods-in-transit insurance.


This means your vehicles are covered if they’re stolen, broken into, or if your driver has an accident. We also cover the business equipment you keep within the vehicle as well as your customers’ packages.


If you want, you can take out a restricted goods-in-transit policy which covers you only if your vehicle is damaged in a fire, explosion, collision, or is overturned.


On top of all that, we also cover your office, its contents, accounts receivable, business all risk, employer’s liability, and more.

Does courier insurance include cover for my customers’ goods in transit?

Because your customers are important to you, they’re important to us. That’s why we include goods-in-transit insurance with our delivery insurance policies. 

Whether you need food delivery insurance for your frozen meals business or you’re delivering important medicine for sick patients, the stock you’re carrying is covered. 

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