Scratch & Dent Insurance

We all know how light scratches, minor dents, or small chips always seem to find their way onto our precious wheels. We don’t often have it within our monthly budget to pay for the repairs of these dents and scratches, which is why we have introduced Budget Scratch & Dent Insurance! This product covers the costs of fixing the minor imperfections that are caused by everyday motoring, so that you can keep your car looking brand new!


Scratch & Dent not only allows you to claim for pesky dents, scratches, and chips, but also comes with a three year guarantee on all these repairs.

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Along with Scratch & Dent Insurance, you’ll get License Protect Plus as an additional benefit. With License Protect Plus there are no more inconvenient trips to the post office – we’ll arrange payment for you and even deliver your renewed vehicle license to your door!


Make use of this great value added product by adding it to your main policy today.

You can find out about all the details of Scratch & Dent Insurance by viewing the brochure here.