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Cash Back Bonus

Simply, add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back. Our Cash Back Bonus is unique in the sense that you only have to wait two years to start reaping your rewards and you’ll keep on being rewarded until you put in a claim. Best of all only certain claims will reset your Cash Back Bonus clock.  

Cash Back Bonus

You will receive:

  • 15% back of all your premiums paid, over the first two years of claims free, uninterrupted cover;
  • 10% back of all your premiums paid, if you remain claims free for a further two years; and 
  • 10% back of all premiums paid for every claims free year of continued insurance, thereafter.

To find out more about Budget Cash Back simply download the terms and conditions or view our toolkit.