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Insurance For Your Caravan

Your caravan is like a second home on wheels. It’s a great way to have an affordable holiday with the whole family, so your Caravan Insurance should be affordable too. Stick to your holiday budget and cover your caravan for a range of eventualities with Budget Insurance.


What is a caravan? 


We consider a caravan to be any vehicle that needs to be towed and isn’t self-propelled. So if you’ve got a fancy motorhome or other self-propelled caravans, it isn’t a problem, it just needs to be covered under our Vehicle Insurance instead of Caravan Cover.


Comprehensive Caravan Insurance


With Comprehensive Caravan Insurance, you get full cover for damage and theft to your caravan. This includes all the standard fittings, fixtures, tools, spare parts, and accessories that came with it when you bought it. We also provide cover for third-party damage, so you can enjoy those lekker holiday vibes without worrying about a thing. 

Don’t let our borders stop you from enjoying an awesome trip. Take your caravan to Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe and you’re still fully insured against theft and damage.

If you’re in an accident, we’ll cover the reasonable costs of towing your caravan to the nearest repairer and pay for the storage if necessary. Just remember to call our tow line number so we can make sure you get the right assistance in the budget.


What Caravan Insurance doesn’t cover


Your caravan must only be used for leisure and social purposes. If you use it to make money or in the course of your business, we won’t insure it. Additionally, our standard Caravan Insurance doesn’t cover the loose items and possessions you keep in your caravan, but that’s an easy fix. Just add Loose Caravan Contents Insurance to your policy.


Loose Caravan Contents Insurance


If you’d like to add Loose Caravan Contents Cover to your policy, just let us know when you take out a Caravan Insurance quote. We’ll cover all of those bits and bobs you take on holiday with you. This additional insurance covers a wide range of your possessions including:

  • Bedding

  • Appliances

  • Crockery and cutlery

  • Theft of your and your family’s personal possessions

  • Loss or damage to your and your family’s personal possessions. This includes damage caused by natural events such as fire, lightning, explosion, earthquakes, storms, and floods, and even malicious and accidental damage. We like to make sure you can budget on cover for just about any eventuality.


Caravan Insurance quotes


Holidays are for relaxing and that’s exactly what our Caravan Insurance does – gives you peace of mind while you have the time of your life. Get an affordable Budget Caravan Insurance quote today by calling 0861 00 13 53 or leave your details and we’ll save your budget by calling you back at no expense to you.

Caravan Insurance includes:

  • comprehensive cover for theft or damage
  • towing to and storage at the closest repairer so long as you call the approved towline
  • cover for damage you caused to other parties' property

We also suggest that you take advantage of our Loose Contents of Caravan policy, which you can add to your Caravan Insurance policyWhilst the standard fittings of your caravan are covered with our Caravan Insurance policy, it is best to take out this policy so that all the items you have taken with you, like your bedding, appliances and crockery, are covered.

It’s easy to buy! All you need to do is specify your caravan’s loose contents when you apply for a caravan insurance quote.

Loose Contents of Caravan cover includes:

  • theft of your personal possessions
  • theft of your family’s personal possessions
  • loss or damage to your personal possessions
  • loss or damage to your family’s personal possessions

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for more information.