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Insurance For Your Business

Budget’s Business Insurance has been carefully designed to cater for the unique needs of your specific business. We provide the right combinations of traditional policy sections to ensure that your business is comprehensively looked after.

With us you’ll not only get great insurance but also instant telephonic quotes and Biz Assist that is automatically included in your policy.

For for more information call us on 0861 08 88 90.

Business insurance includes:

  • Motor cover for your business vehicles against damage, loss or theft
  • Buildings cover for the structure of your business's buildings due to loss or damage
  • Fire cover for damage to your buildings, machinery, tools, equipment, fixtures and fittings, stock and materials, and miscellaneous items
  • Office contents cover for the office furniture you keep on your business premises
  • Business interruption cover for business interruption due to loss or damage to your business property
  • Accounts receivable compensation should you not be able to trace amounts owed to you because your financial records were lost or destroyed
  • Electronic equipment cover for licensed software used for business purposes
  • Theft cover for theft of your business goods
  • Money cover for the loss or damage to your cash, cheques, and your safe
  • Glass cover for the fixed glass at your business premises
  • Fidelity guarantee should you occur losses due to fraudulent acts committed by employees
  • Goods in transit cover for business goods when they are being transported
  • Accidental damage cover for your business goods against accidental loss or damage
  • Public liability should you be responsible for injuries or death of a third party, or damage to their property, except when this relates to a vehicle accident
  • Employers liability, except in the event of a vehicle accident
  • Group personal accident cover for owners and shareholders against death, disablement and medical expenses after an accident
  • All risks cover for business items that are regularly taken away from your business premises

Because we know each business is unique and has individual needs, we’ve created a variety of Business Insurance products for different types of entrepreneurs.


Running a small office-based business is hard enough without having to worry about insurance costs! That’s why you should rather choose insurance options that suit you and your business and lets your business benefit from affordable insurance cover.

What kind of business would fall under Office Insurance?

  • travel agents
  • estate agents
  • general office
  • training centre
  • and much, much more!


It’s amazing how much stress is taken off your shoulders when you have the right type of insurance for your business. Take advantage of Budget’s Professional Business Insurance and we’ll take care of your cover while you focus on giving your clients the best service that you can.

What kind of business would fall under Professional Insurance?

  • accountants
  • lawyers
  • architects
  • engineers
  • and much, much more!


Taking your business on the road with you brings its own challenges: the safety of your car and tools, a higher risk of public liability and the list goes on. That’s why Budget offers you affordable cover that caters for your business’s exact needs, giving you the peace of mind to focus on the tasks at hand.

What kind of business would fall under Tradesman Insurance?

  • plumbers
  • electricians
  • painter
  • handyman
  • and much, much more!


Make sure you can rely on your Business Insurance to be as helpful and caring to your business as you are to your patients. Thankfully, with Budget you can save on your insurance and still enjoy great benefits when you insure your medical practice.

What kind of business would fall under Medical Insurance?

  • doctors
  • dentists
  • optometrists
  • veterinary surgeons
  • psychiatrists
  • and much, much more!


Whether you own a bookshop, a florist, or a grocery store; Budget offers the insurance you need. Not to mention the great benefits you’ll be able to take advantage of, like 24-hour assistance with legal, labour, and computer issues.

What kind of business would fall under General Insurance?

  • florists
  • hairdressing and beauty salons
  • book shops
  • retailers
  • funeral parlours
  • coffee shops
  • and much, much more!

Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts

Is your Business Insurance as good at looking after you, as you are at looking after everybody else? Budget is here to help you with practical benefits and affordable insurance cover to ensure that you are able to take care of your guests and not worry about your business insurance needs!

What kind of business would fall under Guesthouse Insurance?

  • bed & breakfast
  • guesthouses

Looking for more Business Insurance products?