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Business Concierge

Until you’ve done it yourself, one can never understand quite how much attention, focus, and hard work it takes to run a business. Especially for small- and new business owners. When you’re starting out, it’s up to you to fulfill every role – owner, marketer, treasurer, project manager. This means you probably find yourself spending more time on day-to-day administrative tasks and less time on doing the things that actually make you money. And when time is so short, that means it affects your bottom line.


That’s where our Business Concierge service comes in. We take the hassle out of your hustle, so you can get on with making money and building your business. As one of the many benefits under our Biz Assist umbrella, this service is included in all our Business Insurance policies except for Specified Insurance. Imagine having a professional assistant but without the added cost of another salary added to your business expenses. That’s what it’s like when you have access to our Business Concierge.



Rather than spending late nights booking appointments, confirming an upcoming travel arrangement, or trying to procure products from local manufacturers, you can relax. Spend your evenings with your loved ones rather than arranging tomorrow’s equipment pick up. Our assistants are on standby 24/7 to help you with your administrative business needs.



Check out our FAQs below to find out everything you need to know about this helpful service. Like what kind of tasks Business Concierge takes care of for your business and which business types have access to this service. We also take you through what Business Concierge doesn’t do (spoiler alert: there isn’t much). You can also find out about the benefits of using a service like this and how it can help you grow your business.



When you’re ready, get a Business Insurance quote to protect your livelihood and get access to our Business Concierge today.

More than just business insurance

Collections Assistance


No need to worry about outstanding accounts. Our collections assist benefit helps you collect from debtors with data washing, tracing, and collections calls.

Financial Advice


Streamline your business with financial advice and financial plans. Let us bring you financial help and advice on present topics affecting your small business. We also refer you to topical experts where applicable.

Credit Report


We can assist when you apply for funding. Understand your financial status, credit score, and credit history. Let us guide you through the process and offer you a once-off credit report.

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Business Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Business Concierge for?

Time is money, and when you work 25-hour days (entrepreneurs will understand), every second counts. That’s why you can use our Business Concierge benefit for any business-related administrative tasks. Need to arrange for goods collection? We’ve got it. Urgently have to make a travel arrangement. We’ll sort it out. As long as it can be conducted over the phone or online, we can do it. Simply send us the details and we’ll handle the rest.

Which business types can use Business Concierge?

We know that all businesses can use some help sometimes, so we don’t limit you just because of what you do for a living. Therefore, any type of business can use our Business Concierge service.

Business Concierge forms part of our larger Biz Assist benefit. This benefit offers business owners a multitude of helpful services to help them grow their businesses. It’s available to all our Business Insurance policies except for Specified Insurance.

What are the benefits of using a business concierge service?

There are loads of benefits to using a business concierge service. To start with, it frees up your time. Instead of spending your valuable hours booking appointments and handling admin, you can get on with making sales and servicing clients – the things that actually earn you money. More time also means more quality time with loved ones. No one enjoys spending Sunday afternoons catching up on the week’s admin, especially when you could be spending that time with family.


In addition to that, we can even get you preferential rates in the procurement of certain goods and services due to the large volumes we handle. It’s just another way we can save you money.

What does Business Concierge not do?

Business Concierge is primarily a telephonic and online assistance service. So, while we can arrange for good collection and equipment pick up, we won’t do the actual collecting. We also only handle business-related requests. If you need help with business travel arrangements, we are your guys. But if you want to book a family holiday, you’ll need to do this yourself.

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