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Biz Assist benefits

With Budget Business insurance you not only get a range of tailor-made business solutions that will help you excel in your business sector, but you also get access to our range of Biz Assist benefits at no extra charge.


Business Concierge    

Saves you time and money by helping you buy goods, services, and equipment at prices that suit your budget. It helps you to book appointments, arrange travel and accommodation and gives you access to telephonic personal assistance services if you need them.


Financial Advice         

Helps streamline your business performance with advice on financial topics that impact small businesses as well as a referral to topical experts.



Credit Report

If you’re in the process of applying for funding, it is important to understand your financial status, your credit history, and credit score, which is why we offer a once-off credit report.


Collections Assistance

Collecting debts and unpaid invoices can be tricky and often expensive, which is why we’ll do the data washing, tracing, and collections call for you.



Digital Presence

Getting your business out there is a must, but what if your budget doesn’t allow for a more well-rounded approach to digital spending? With digital presence as a part of one of our Biz Assist benefits, we can help you save money on digital agency fees and hosting packages. We offer:


  • Corporate identity development (three logo design options to choose from)
  • Internet domain registration
  • Splash page development
  • Facebook setup – initial content development and design elements
  • Newsletter – template, distribution, and reporting
  • Marketing consulting – advice and recommendations for website, corporate identity, and other branding elements
  • Site analytics


Emergency Medical Assistance         

You never know when emergencies may happen. Medical transportation and practitioner costs can take a huge chunk out of your business budget, which is why we give you access to emergency medical assistance for any medical situation at no extra cost.


You can count on:

  • Immediate access to medical experts for any medical emergency
  • Emergency medical transportation
  • Telephonic assistance during a medical crisis including emergency advice and/or referral to specialised professionals
  • Medical advice



Office Assist

Burglaries, break-ins, and extreme weather can cause a lot of costly damage to your business property. To save you money and prevent more damage, Office Assist covers the cost of the first hour of the repair call-out fee. Office Assist also includes:


  • Assistance in an office emergency
  • Emergency services notifications or call-out
  • Mobile notification of services (i.e. updates on your active case)


Safe Drive

Should you need a shuttle service after a long business lunch or event, Safe Drive gets you and your car home safely, saving you costs on alternative transport options. 


Convenience Drive

Should your car be in for a service or perhaps being used elsewhere, our Convenience Drive shuttle service will help you get from your office to that important meeting on the day, saving you the costs of alternative transportation.


IT Help Desk

When your IT support team becomes unavailable when you need them most, being offline or unable to access important documents could cost your business money.  Our IT help desk provides telephonic support for IT-related issues to resolve issues with computers and laptops remotely.


Tender Assist

As an SME business owner, you know how important it is to find opportunities in your sector. Tender Assist can help you save time and resources that would otherwise be used to monitor for tenders, and by extension any losses your business may have due to missed tender opportunities. It includes:

  • Pro-active notification of tenders as they arise
  • Tender documentation templates


Road Assist

With Road assist you’ll have access to Emergency Medical Assistant during and after an unfortunate incident related to the roads. You’ll also get R500 towards either courtesy transport, hotel accommodation, car hire, or collecting your vehicle after repairs.


Breakdown Assistance

Breakdowns could mean budget blowouts for your business, with the costs of towing and storage reaching a hefty price. Breakdown Assistance will tow your car to the nearest service centre after a mechanical or electrical breakdown, pay for your vehicle storage, and offer you Emergency Medical Assistance if your keys get locked in your car, you experience a flat tyre, battery, or run out of fuel. We’ll also send out a notification to your family and friends.

More about Budget Biz Assist

Financial Advice


Your business will be more efficient with financial advice and financial plans. Budget Insurance brings you financial help and advice on topics affecting small businesses. 


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Credit Report


A credit report, credit score, and credit history will guide you when applying for business funding. Budget Insurance will help you understand your financial status.


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Tender Assist


Acquire more business wins without the hustle and resources to monitor for up-and-coming tenders with our Biz Assist benefit of Tender Assist.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay an extra amount for Biz Assist?

Biz Assist is a benefit that you get access to for the duration of your Budget Business Insurance policy, at no extra cost.

When can I contact the Biz Assist department?

Operational assistance services are available Mondays to Fridays, from 08:00 to 17:00. Emergency Medical Assistance is available to you 24/7.

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