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Home Contents Insurance

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Save up to R408pm* with us!

Get a Cash Back Bonus


Simply add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back.

Affordable Home Contents Insurance


Bundle and Save! 


Bundle and save! Combine Home Contents Insurance with a Car Insurance policy and you’ll get a 15% discount on your Home Contents premium. Add Buildings Cover too and you’ll get 10% off the Buildings Insurance as well.


Home Assist Benefit


Get urgent assistance for your home emergencies with our Home Assist benefit. We’ll cover the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for an electrician, plumber, locksmith, glazier, or other home professional if you need speedy help.



Cash Back Bonus


Add Cash Back to your Contents Insurance and you could get 15% of all your premiums paid out in only two claim-free years’ time. We even allow you to make certain claims without affecting your Cash Back Bonus.

What is Home Contents Insurance?


There’s nothing like the feeling of getting home from work after a long day, putting your feet up, and watching your favourite TV show, is there? Except, eish, your TV cabinet is bare and there’s just a couch-shaped patch of dust where you used to sit.


When you have Budget Home Insurance, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. You just give us a call and we’ll replace your stolen home contents in a jiffy. We offer two types of affordable Home Contents Insurance quotes – Comprehensive and Fire and Storm Only. Read about them below and get the one that suits your needs and budget in minutes.


Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance


There’s a whole lot that we cover under our Comprehensive Home Insurance: 

    • Theft of your, your guests’, and your domestic employees’ possessions including stolen garden furniture and washing. 
    • Loss and damage to the valuables in your home caused by break-in, theft, malicious damage, overflowing geysers, and a range of occurrences like fires, lightning, storms, and power surges.
    • If load-shedding strikes and the food in your fridge and freezer deteriorates, our Home Contents Insurance will cover it.
    • Rent to live somewhere else if you can’t stay in your home because of damage caused by something we cover.
    • Homeowner’s or tenant’s liability, depending on whether you own or rent your home.
    • Vet bills for your pets if they’re injured in a road accident.



Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance



The name says Fire and Storm Only Home Insurance, but we cover damage to your home contents caused by most natural disasters. These include fires, storms, explosions, falling trees (except if they’re being felled), earthquakes, floods, and damage caused by burst or overflowing geysers, equipment, and pipes.

Household Insurance


Before you take out contents insurance, you might want to learn more about why you need household cover at all. We’ve got the answer here.

House Insurance


For most, a house is the most valuable asset they will ever own. It can take months to save enough money for a deposit for a home, years to fix it up just like you want it, and a generation to pay it off.

Home Owners Insurance


Homeowners insurance, also known as house insurance, doesn’t only protect your property. It covers you personally as well.

More about Home contents insurance

Household insurance


Before you take out contents insurance, you might want to learn more about why you need household cover at all. We’ve got the answer here.




Home insurance quotes calculator


Want to know how your home insurance quote is calculated? Read here to find out all the factors we take into consideration when quoting you.




Home insurance companies


Home insurance companies all offer different types of cover and benefits. Don’t let it confuse you though – understand the basics of your cover no matter the insurer.




Property Insurance


Make sure every part of your property is covered in budget, from the building that is your house to the items within it that make it a home.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does Home Contents Insurance cover?

It’s storytime! Imagine a giant comes along (bear with us) and pulls off the roof of your house, then picks up your home and turns it upside-down. Everything that falls out is considered your home contents. Fixtures and fittings that are permanently attached to the structure of your house fall under buildings insurance.


While we don’t cover you for giant damage, we do cover nearly every other eventuality with our Comprehensive Contents Insurance. This includes cover against theft, damage caused by a break-in, loss, fire, flood, storms, lightning, power surges, burst pipes, and even malicious damage.

What does over- and under -insurance mean?

A common pitfall of insuring your home contents is over-insuring or under-insuring them. It’s easy to do this by accident and tempting to do it on purpose. But it’s important to insure your valuables for the right amount. Here’s why:


When you under-insure, you will pay a lower monthly premium. However, when the time comes to claim, you will get a payout that is less than what your contents are worth. So, if they’re valued at R100 000 and you’ve insured them for R50 000 (50% of the total value), we’ll only payout 50% of your claim.


When you over-insure, you pay more than you need to every month but you don’t get paid out more than the value of your contents when you claim. So, if your valuables are worth R100 000 and you insure them for R150 000 (50% more than they’re worth), we will only pay you out up to 100% of your claim.

How do I make sure I’m ensuring my contents for the right value?

The best way to ensure you’re insuring your valuables correctly is to go from room to room in your home and make a list of everything you own. We know this sounds like a lengthy task and we acknowledge it can take hours. But trust us – you’ll be so glad you did it if you ever need to claim. As you’re writing down each item, make a note of how much it would cost to replace it. Note, you need to record the replacement cost, not the amount you bought it for. For example, you might have paid R7 000 15 years ago for your lounge suite, but it would cost much more than that to replace it now.


Also be sure to go through your list every year and update any valuables that might have changed in value or anything you bought that isn’t on the list.

Are new items I buy automatically added to my insurance policy?

Unfortunately, we can’t possibly know when you’ve treated yourself to a brand new flatscreen TV or bought the kids a balance bike unless you tell us. It’s important to update your list, and therefore, us when you buy something new. If you don’t do this, your home contents will be under-insured and you won’t be paid out for the full claim if something happens to your stuff.

What isn’t covered under Home Contents Insurance?

While we do cover you for most scenarios under our comprehensive package, there are a few exceptions. These include:

  • Goods you use solely for your business. These must be covered under a Business Insurance policy.
  • Items stolen from your garage if we can’t see evidence of a break-in.
  • If your home remains unoccupied for more than 60 days in a year.
  • If you take out a Fire & Storm Only policy, you won’t be covered for theft and damage caused by a break-in.

Home Contents Insurance Benefits



Householder's Liability Cover


Increase your householder’s liability cover up to R5 million, R10 million, or R20 million.



Assist Benefits 


We include our full range of Assist Benefits with your Home Insurance policy.



Comprehensive Cover


Choose from Comprehensive or Fire & Storm Only Home Contents Insurance to suit your budget.

Ready to Budget?

Get Covered Today.


Save up to R408pm* with us!