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Insurance for Home Contents

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting home from work after a long day, putting your feet up, and watching your favourite TV show, is there? Except, eish, your TV cabinet is bare and there’s just a couch-shaped patch of dust where you used to sit.

When you have Budget Home Contents Insurance, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad. You just give us a call and we’ll replace your stolen home contents in a jiffy. We offer two types of affordable Home Contents Insurance quotes – Comprehensive and Fire and Storm Only. Read about them below and get the one that suits your needs and budget in minutes.


Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance


There’s a whole lot that we cover under our Comprehensive Home Insurance: 

  • Theft of your, your guests’, and your domestic employees’ possessions including stolen garden furniture and washing. 

  • Loss and damage to the valuables in your home caused by break-in, theft, malicious damage, overflowing geysers, and a range of natural occurrences like fires, lightning, storms, and power surges.

  • If load-shedding strikes and the food in your fridge and freezer deteriorates, our Home Contents Insurance will cover it.

  • Rent to live somewhere else if you can’t stay in your home because of damage caused by something we cover.

  • Homeowner’s or tenant’s liability, depending on whether you own or rent your home.

  • Vet bills for your pets if they’re injured in a road accident.


Fire and Storm Only Home Contents Insurance


The name says Fire and Storm Only Home Insurance, but we cover damage to your home contents caused by most natural disasters including fires, storms, explosions, falling trees (except if they’re being felled), earthquakes, floods, and damage caused by burst or overflowing geysers, equipment, and pipes.


Assist Benefits


No matter which affordable Home Contents Insurance quote you choose, you get all of our helpful Assist Benefits

Road Assist: If you’ve locked your keys in your car, run out of petrol, or burst a tyre, we’ll send someone to help you get back on the road in no time.

Home Assist: Home emergencies shouldn’t cost a fortune. We’ll pay for the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour if you have an emergency that requires an electrician, locksmith, glazier, or plumber.

Trauma Assist: We have a 24-hour phone line where you can get counselling and referrals following a traumatic event which has happened to you or a loved one.

Legal Assist: Our team of professionals will give you expert telephonic advice on legal and tax matters, all at no cost to you.

Entertainment Assist: Ever wish you had a personal assistant to make those annoying dental appointments and restaurant bookings? It’s a reality when you’ve got our Entertainment Assist Benefit, where we’ll make all those pesky little arrangements for you.


Home Contents Insurance quote


Calculating your home insurance rates can be difficult. If you've never had home insurance before, you may not know how much you should pay or how many policies you'll need. 
No matter what your budget, you can get an affordable Home Contents Insurance quote online in minutes – one that suits your pocket and covers all of your home contents. Switch to Budget today so we can replace those beloved household items without a fuss if something happens to them. Use our home insurance quotes calculator.

Affordable, ‘cos you can’t afford not to.


Home Contents Insurance includes:

  • Cover for loss or damage to household goods and personal possessions
  • Cover for loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, power surge, explosion, malicious damage, storms, bursting or over-flowing of geysers, equipment or pipes, break-in and theft
  • Cover for food that deteriorates because of a power failure or if your freezer breaks down
  • Cover for stolen washing and/or garden furniture
  • Cover in the event of you and/or your spouses’ death if caused by fire or break in at your home
  • Cover for your domestic employees' or guests’ belongings (only if there is proof of damage caused by a break-in)
  • Liability as a householder
  • Tenants liability as a householder
  • Liability to domestic employees, if he/she is injured, or dies at your home while working
  • The option to increase your Householders Liability Cover to R5 million, R10 million, or R20 million
  • Automatically included Assist Benefits.

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for more information.