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South Africa's business cover for all


There are many risks that come with running a business. And a unique set of risks that comes with running a business that deals directly with the public, be it a coffee shop, retail store or funeral parlour. At Budget, we’ve designed the General Business Insurance option just for businesses like this. We understand the specific set of risks that come with your business and are making sure that you’re covered for them.

Get a General Business Insurance quote from Budget today and protect your business from unexpected damage and theft.


General Business Insurance


You might recognise insurance for your car or home, but do you know all about Business Insurance? If you’re a business owner, it’s important that you protect yourself and your employees from potential damages. Business Insurance helps businesses with protection from losses that occur over the course of the year. This could be caused by a range of different events. Some of the kinds of policies you can take out for your business include property damage cover, legal liability cover and office insurance, among many others. You don’t want to let an incident ruin all your hard work and good reputation! 

Business Insurance is affordable when you get one of South Africa’s lowest insurance quotes! At Budget, we have a large range of affordable Business Insurance packages to suit your needs - no matter the size of your budget. Check out all our options below, choose one that best suits your pocket and your business environment, and get a Budget quote online today!


Why do you need Business Insurance?


If you’re a business owner, you might be wondering if Business Insurance is something that you really need to spend money on. If you are at all concerned about the longevity and future of your business, then business insurance is essential! Business Insurance is made with your individual business in mind. The purpose of business cover is to help your business cover the costs that can come with property damage and liability claims. If you don’t insure your business, you can expect to pay for legal claims or damaged property out of your own pocket. This can be incredibly costly and could even impact the success of your business in the long run. Budget has your best interests in mind - that’s why business insurance is vital for you if you are a business owner! Budget Business Insurance can help you out with many different situations, from small-scale daily operations to large legal cases. We have your back during times of need, no matter what your problem is.


Budget General Business Insurance


Our well-rounded Business Insurance policies offer a range of different options. We’ve got broad coverage to ensure that your business is protected in as many situations as possible. We know that every business and owner is different, so we’ve got a few different coverage options for different types of businesses and entrepreneurs. Budget General Business Insurance is a specific policy that is perfect for retailers, florists, hair and beauty salons, coffee shops, funeral parlours, bookstores and other similar businesses. Budget General Business Insurance provides a large range of cover for a variety of situations. You can get cover for your business building, accidental damage to and theft of your business goods, public liability for your business and so much more. 


As part of Budget’s General Business Insurance policy, you’ll receive:

  • Motor cover for business vehicles against damage, loss or theft.

  • Cover for your building against loss or damage – including the structure of your business’ building, business interruption cover and accidental damage cover (yes, this can really happen!).

  • Fire cover for damage to your buildings, machinery, tools, equipment, stock, fixtures and more.

  • Cover for the contents of your office, including furniture in your office and on the premises of your business, as well as separate cover for electronic equipment and licensed software that is used for your business.

  • Public liability against injuries to, or the death of, a third party, or damage to their property except including a vehicular accident.

  • Theft cover for your business.

  • Money cover for losses or damage to your cash, cheques and safe (you really need to keep this secure!).

  • Glass cover for fixed glass at your business premises.

  • A fidelity guarantee against fraudulent acts that could be committed by employees (it’s best to safeguard yourself and your reputation).

  • Goods-in-transit cover for goods while they are being transported or couriered.

  • Employers liability, excluding any vehicle accidents.

  • Group personal accident cover for owners and stakeholders against death, disablement and medical costs after an accident.

  • Any risk cover for business items that are regularly removed from your business premises (you should always be very careful and cautious with your belongings!).


Different Budget Insurance Options 


How big is your business and do you need specialised cover? How big is your premises and what kind of work do you do? What kind of assets does your business own or use the most?

These are some questions relating to the daily operations of your business that you should consider when deciding on which Budget Business Insurance option is the perfect match for you. We’ve got a few great options for your business, such as: 

  • Office  – This is for businesses who operate in an office environment, such as travel or estate agents, general offices, call centres and more.

  • Professional  – This is for businesses that have unique risks such as architects, lawyers and accountants who may need specialised insurance options.

  • Tradesman – This is for businesses that involve tradesmen who are on the road all the time for work, which presents higher risk for theft, loss or accidental damage.

  • Medical – This is for medical practices like doctors, dentists, optometrists, veterinary surgeons and other medical professionals. 

  • General  – General businesses that deal with the public, like retailers, beauty salons and funeral parlours.

  • Guesthouse/Bed and Breakfast  – This is made for owners of accommodation-based businesses.


Assist Benefits


Assist Benefits are an added benefit that you get when you take out a qualifying Budget policy, including any of Budget’s Business Insurance policies.  

Biz Assist is there to help your business reach its long-term goals through practical benefits. It is automatically added to your General Business Insurance policy, at no extra cost. Offering free telephone and online support, whenever you need it. From personal assistants to financial advice and access to the best professional experts.

Budget’s Biz Assist works with a growing network of suppliers to bring you the best possible deals. We’re here to help your business run as smoothly as possible. You never have to feel alone, Budget is here to help you out! Read more about our Biz Assist benefit.


Additional add-ons


Are you looking for even more Business Insurance products? Budget has gone above and beyond to make sure we can protect your business – no matter which industry you’re in! Click on the links to find out more about: Business Vehicle Insurance, Errors & Omission Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance.


Budget Insurance quotes


Now that you’ve read about all our affordable Business Insurance options, it’s time to ask for a quote! Do it yourself and get a Budget Insurance quote online or get in touch with our call centre, where one of our friendly consultants will walk you through the process to find the most affordable business cover for your specific business needs!

Affordable, ‘cos you can’t afford not to.