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Insurance for Bikes

Not only will this policy cover your motorcycle in the event of an accident or theft, but it also gives you access to 24-hour towing and storage, as well as leading medical, legal, and roadside assistance services.

Motorcycle Insurance


Being able to hit that snooze button for another half hour of sleep is a perfectly good reason to own a motorbike and ride it to work. So is doing the breakfast run on the weekend with your buddies. Whether you have a motorbike so you can zip through rush-hour traffic or simply love the open road, our Motorbike Insurance quotes are made for your needs and your budget. 


Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance


Sure, the thrill of riding is worth the risk, but it’s still best to go all out when it comes to your insurance. That’s why our Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance includes cover for theft, accident damage, and third-party damage. We’ll also cover the cost of any standard accessories that are stolen if your bike is stolen with them, and if you’ve got more expensive accessories, such as a helmet or GPS, you can specify cover for these too.


Budget Assist benefits


Riding a motorbike, you might find yourself in some remote parts of the country – the kind of places you love to explore but don’t exactly want to break down in. 

With our Motorbike Insurance, you’ve got nothing to worry about because our cover comes standard with our comprehensive Assist benefits


Roadside Assist 


  • 24-hour towing: Any time of the day or night, we’ll tow your motorbike when you’ve broken down or been in an accident and can’t ride it.

  • Flat tyres: Popped a tyre instead of a wheelie? We’ll send someone to help repair your tyre or get you somewhere that can.

  • Empty petrol tank: If you cross that fine line between running on fumes and running on empty, give our helpline a call and we’ll bring some petrol to your location.


Medical Assist


  • 24-hour telephonic assistance: If you’ve got a medical emergency, whether at home or on the road, you can call our 24-hour telephonic assistance line for advice from trained professionals. 

  • Roadside medical assistance: If you have a medical emergency on the road, we can provide emergency medical assistance.


Legal Assist


  • Telephonic helpline: Get expert telephonic legal and tax advice from qualified professionals.

  • Basic legal services: Our experts can help with basic legal services such as drawing up legal documents and courtroom preparation.

  • Referrals: For complex legal matters, we can refer you to a qualified professional who can assist you.


Motorbike Insurance Quotes


We’ve made it easy and affordable to get cover for your motorbike, so talk to us about getting a Motorbike Insurance quote that fits your budget. Here are the ways you can do this: 

  • Call 0861 00 13 53.

  • Visit our homepage, leave your details, and we’ll call you back.

Affordable, ‘cos you can’t afford not to!


Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for more information.