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Food Sector

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Cash Back


Simply add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back.


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Food Sector insurance will cover



Property Insurance


From hail damage to flooded kitchens, Business Property Insurance will protect your business from natural disasters.



Interruption Insurance


Bar, pub, restaurant or canteen, natural disasters can do enough damage to force you to close your doors and rebuild your business, Business Interruption Insurance covers the loss of income that a business suffers while your doors are closed.




Insurance for loss of money


From getting hi-jacked on the way to the bank or losing all your money in an armed robbery, Insurance for Loss of Money will cover your business against such losses.



Tailored Business Insurance Solutions for the Food Industry 


Whether your business is restaurant or canteen, you know how important it is to consistently deliver the best products and service to ensure your customers keep supporting you. But, lets face it, try as you might to predict your business risks, some setbacks are unpredictable.


Freak hailstorms, kitchen accidents, equipment breakdowns, and customer injuries are all possible unforeseen circumstances. Your business cant afford not to be running smoothly because you could lose revenue, which is why it is so important to invest in a tailor-made business insurance package that understands the needs of your food business. 


Just because you’re in the food industry doesn’t mean your establishment should have the same insurance package as the next one. Factors such as having a liquor license to sell alcohol or owning a fine dining restaurant that serves the public are the type of details to consider when looking for restaurant or bar insurance quotesWith our tailored business insurance product offerings you have the freedom to pick and choose your cover based on your budget and business risk areas: 


Liability insurance 

For damage to vehicles whilst in your parking lot - liability insurance will cover you against third-party individuals who would like to sue youThe food industry must carefully consider the safety of the public they serve and this cover is essential to protecting your business. 




Glass insurance 

From rowdy individuals having too much of a good time on your business premises to extremely severe storms, replacing commercial glass for your business can get very expensive. At the same time leaving the damage could result in further consequences such as loss of customers or even theft. With Glass Insurance, your bar, pub, restaurant or canteens glass will be covered. 


When you choose tailored Business Insurance Solutions from Budget Insuranceyou also get a wealth of benefits designed to optimise your business performance and streamline your processes.


Motor only policiesBudget Insurance doesn’t require you to take out comprehensive car insurance for your entire fleet, but rather offers you the opportunity to insure the number of cars necessary based on their size and your budget, so that you only pay for what you Insure.


Cash back benefit – After remaining claim-free for two years with no interruption of cover, your business will receive a cash-back benefit that you could invest back into your business to boost your cash flow.


Biz Assist – Designed to help you grow your business as well as assist in emergency situations:


Business performance support

For more information about these services, find out more about Business Assist.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my food business need insurance?

Whether your business is a restaurant, canteen or bar - setbacks can be unpredictable and often costly. Covering your business premises, staff, customers and equipment with Budget Business Insurance will not only give you piece of mind while running your business day-to-day but also insure that when something unfortunate does happen, you won’t need to dig into your profits to sort it out.

Why do I need tailored insurance solutions for my food business?

Factors such as having a liquor license to sell alcohol or owning a fine dining restaurant that serves the public are the type of details to consider when looking for restaurant or bar insurance quotes. With our tailored business insurance product offerings you have the freedom to pick and choose your cover based on your budget and business risk areas

What kind of insurance solutions should I consider for my food business?

For the food sector, it is important to be covered with business insurance products like:

  • Business Property Insurance
  • Business Interruption Insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Insurance for loss of money

Glass insurance

Why should I choose Budget Business Insurance?

With Budget Business Insurance you’ll also have a range of benefits like no additional excess - which will help you with financial forecasting, Motor only policies – so that you only pay for the amount of vehicles you need to Insure and our Cash back benefit – a payout after two claim-free years, with no interruption of cover.

Is Biz Assist included in my Budget Business Insurance Policy?

Yes, all Budget Business Insurance policies give you access to our Biz Assist benefits.

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