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The top 3 most affordable cars to insure in South Africa now

Its all Insurance

Posted on Wednesday, February 17, 2021

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If you’ve ever fantasised about owning a brand new, sleek SUV or a top-of-the-line sports car, you might want to rethink that. In addition to many of these cars having notorious reliability issues, cramped interiors, and high servicing costs, their parts are expensive and only a few mechanics are qualified to work on them. 


Style and luxury aren’t everything, especially when there’s no practicality in owning one of these vehicles – except for maybe showing off a little. Keep in mind that ‘clout’ doesn’t cover your repair costs or that incredibly expensive insurance premium. 


How are car insurance premiums calculated?


The kind of car you own will determine your insurance premium. If you have a new car, some insurance companies might offer you a discount if the car is less than three years old. Insurance isn’t that straightforward though. There are many factors that insurance providers take into account when calculating your premium, such as:


  • Class of the vehicle: What category does the car fit into – hatchback? 4X4? Convertible?  


  • Availability of parts: Certain cars need very specific parts that are often imported, or they need specialised mechanics to work on them. 


  • Reliability: Insurance companies also consider road-reliability when calculating premiums.


  • Luxury versus practicality: Luxury vehicles, along with high-speed cars, have high insurance premiums as they can be quite sought after. If you buy a car that is not a popular car-jacking target, you can expect a lower insurance premium rate. 

Car insurance varies from person to person. When you contact an insurance provider, they will ask you for some personal information: your age, gender, where you live, and your marital status, among other things. This is important for a number of reasons:


  • Age: If you’re a young driver (between 18 and 25), your insurance premium will likely be higher since you are considered inexperienced on the road. Don’t take it personally! Insurance companies assess your risk and determine the premium that best suits your level of risk. 


  • Where you live: Part of assessing your risk is looking at your geographical location. If you live in a safer neighbourhood with low crime statistics (like car theft) and have a garage where you can securely park your car at night, your premium will likely be lower because you’re at a lower risk of an incident occurring.  


  • Security measures: If you’ve installed an approved alarm system and a tracking device, your premium will not be as high as that of someone who doesn’t have extra security measures in place. 


  • Licence: Having a valid drivers licence is a necessary document you’ll need to provide your insurance company with. If you’ve got a good driving record (no large fines or recent accidents), you may pay a lower amount on your insurance premium. 


  • Vehicle ownership: It’s important to note that you might be required to take out extra insurance if the vehicle you’re insuring won’t be driven by you. It’s a good idea to get comprehensive car insurance that covers collision costs and third-party damage if the person who will be driving your car gets into an accident. 


  • Kilometres: The less you drive, the less risk you pose on the roads. Therefore, the less your insurance premium will cost you. 


  • Business or pleasure: You might be required to take out commercial insurance (on top of what you’re currently paying) if you use your personal vehicle for business-related ventures, like visiting clients or you work in the delivery services industry.  


Now that you know a bit more about how insurance companies assess your risk and determine your premium, let’s take a look at the three most affordable cars to insure in South Africa right now.


The Volkswagen Polo


The Volkswagen Polo is very popular among new homemakers and university students. They are fuel-efficient, with their engines ranging from 1.2 L to 1.6 L. The model even supports a diesel version. These cars are simple and beautifully composed, their parts are in abundance, and they are very easy to drive. 


Some other great features include:


  • Varied luxury and utility features: VW Polo’s have innovative safety equipment such as airbags, central locking, power steering, and an electronic anti-theft immobiliser.


  • Body: Newer VW Polo models have an anti-corrosive metal body, a powerful engine, and luxurious, spacious interiors with leather upholstery, and sporty seats, giving a premium feel. 


  • Performance: Not only is a VW Polo easy to drive, but it also does a great job at muting wind and tyre noise. The car feels incredibly stable given its size. 


Volkswagen models offer excellent value for money. They are built for endurance and durability, with features that provide comfort, and their cars are well-priced. 


The Toyota Yaris


The Toyota Yaris is a great contender to the VW Polo in terms of car insurance affordability. Available in sedan and hatchback body styles, with a 1.5 L engine, the Toyota Yaris is a good subcompact car and its insurance premiums have been known to be less than the VW Polo at times. 


Some great features include: 


  • Reliability: Toyotas are well-known for their reliability. You’re much less likely to break down in the middle of nowhere in a Yaris than you are with many other cars.


  • Driveability: The Toyota Yaris is a very easy car to drive, much like the VW Polo, and is a delight to park and manoeuvre. The car is equipped with power steering and remarkable handling capabilities. 


  • Body: The Yaris boasts a stylish cabin and decent, comfortable, supportive seats. The driver’s seat is height-adjustable and the steering wheel adjusts in, out, up, and down. The windows are also a good size, making it easy to navigate and park without visibility concerns. 


  • Performance: The Yaris is incredibly fuel-efficient and tops-out at a comfortable speed.


  • Safety system: The Toyota Yaris does not lack in passenger and driver safety. The car is known for its enhanced stability, traction, and anti-lock braking. 


  • Comforts: The Toyota Yaris offers air-conditioning, radio, Bluetooth, and rear-view parking cameras on its newer models. The dials and switches are sturdy, and the steering wheel is strapped in leather, offering a firm grip.


The Toyota Yaris definitely offers great bang for your buck. It’s stylish, safe, fuel-efficient, and is cost-effective to repair, as parts are widely available in South Africa. All of this makes it an affordable car to insure.


The Corsa Lite

Another car adored by students and young adults, the Corsa Lite has been one of the cutest little cars on our roads for decades and is still very popular. Both the new and older Corsa Lite models are powered by a 1.4 L engine.  


Some notable features include: 


  • Body: The Corsa Lite is a small car with long, wide doors for easy access to the front. The front seats tilt forward easily enough to allow for other passengers to squeeze in the back. The driver’s seat is height-adjustable and there is plenty of legroom. The boot is also very spacious. 


  • Reliability: The Corsa Lite offers an impressive emergency braking time and features power-assistant steering. It’s also fuel-efficient, a strength Opel is known for. 


  • Safety: There is plenty of grip on the steering wheel and the model offers stability on well-maintained roads. If you need any repairs done, or security measures installed, parts and electronics for Corsa Lites are easily accessible.


  • Warranty: Corsa offers a full three-year/100 000 km warranty and a three-year anti-corrosion warranty, so it’s a good bang for your buck. 


All of these features make the Corsa Lite an excellent candidate if you’re looking for a car that comes with affordable car insurance.


The most budget-friendly insurance


There are plenty of cars that could lead to lower car insurance premiums; just make sure to do your research before you buy. Once you have chosen the right vehicle for you, get yourself covered! At Budget Insurance, we offer you one of SA’s lowest insurance quotes*. 


Although it’s not mandatory by law to get third-party car insurance, there are over 70% of South Africans are driving without insurance. This is only going to cost uninsured people more money later on because accidents do happen.  


Happy insuring!


When you’re on the hunt to find the right car, one that comes with affordable car insurance, remember to take all of the above into account. However, also be mindful of the safety statistics associated with the car. Some models that are affordable to insure can still pose a risk for hijacking. 

Comprehensive Car Insurance is the only package that covers your car in the event of theft, accidental damage, hijacking, loss, and third-party liability. Get a Comprehensive Car insurance quote online from Budget to see just how affordable our insurance is. If you prefer to speak to a human, call us on 0861 00 13 53 and we’ll help you find the right car insurance for your budget.


The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice.