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Business Insurance – Cover for your delivery services

We're all Business

Posted on Thursday, May 21, 2020

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We’re getting out and about much less. And because of that, a new kind of hero has stepped up – the business that offers delivery services. They’re the ones willing to bring our groceries, fast food and online buys straight to our doors, so that we can stay in, and stay safe.


Does your business offer this service? A service that, in these tough times, is becoming essential.


Budget has the perfect Business Insurance for you. Cover for your delivery people, scooters or motorcycles, and much more.


Here’s just a little bit of what it includes:


Motorcycle and Scooter Cover

  • Comprehensive cover that includes cover for accidental damages, theft & fire
  • Third-party liability cover - up to R2.5 million rand
  • Claims preparation cost of R50 000
  • Standard basic excess if you need to claim – no surprise excesses after that
  • Pool driver options if your business has a few drivers sharing vehicles
  • Optional SASRIA cover
  • Motorcycle/scooter helmet cover


Cell-phone Cover


Phones are obviously quite an important part of a delivery service, particularly out on the road.


They’re used for tracking orders, communicating with the waiting customer, and of course, for GPS navigation, so that nobody gets lost. And because no time is wasted finding delivery destinations, phones ensure a happy, satisfied client meets your driver when they arrive. We’ll cover them.


Biz Assist


Biz Assist is automatically added to your Business Insurance policy.


This one will give you plenty of awesome benefits – like business advice, growth opportunities, and even specials on branding – an option for your bikes or scooters, maybe?


Cover for Your People


Your delivery people will be out there on the roads, almost all the time, navigating new and unknown areas of your city. Our Business Insurance includes full roadside and medical assistance, so that they’re looked after, as they keep making sure those precious packages reach their destinations.


Cash Back


With the Budget Cash Back Bonus added to your Business Insurance policy, you’ll get 15% back of all your premiums paid, over the first two years of claims-free, uninterrupted cover. Then, 10% back of all your premiums paid, if you remain claim-free for a further two years; and finally 10% back of all premiums paid for every claim-free year of continued insurance, thereafter.


It’s easy money that could even go towards another delivery vehicle - expand your operations, right?


Budgeting with Budget Insurance


And because budgeting is what we do and affordability is what we stand for, let’s talk about how our Business Insurance can save you money.


Our premiums are guaranteed for a full 12 months, even if you claim. That means that your business’s budget is safe every month, and you won’t have to stress about your premiums going up, unexpectedly.


So, thank you for helping bring what we need straight to our doors, and giving us the option to stay home. We think delivery services are going to continue to become more and more vital in this ‘new normal’, and as they do, we’ll keep making sure your delivery people and business vehicles are covered.


For more on our comprehensive Business Insurance, or for a quote, call us on 0861 088 890.