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Third-Party Only Car Insurance

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Get a Cash Back Bonus


Simply add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back.

Third-Party Only Car Insurance Benefits


Damage Cover


You’re covered if you’re held legally liable to pay for the damage your car does to another person’s property.


Increase your Cover


You can increase your insured amount if you need more cover.


Cash Back Bonus


Add Cash Back Bonus to your policy and get 15% of all your premiums paid, over the first two claim-free years

What Is Third-Party Only Car Insurance?


Third-Party Only Insurance is the most basic Car Insurance we offer. It’s for the no-nonsense cars that get their owners from A to B and no more. If your car is already paid off, is older, and isn’t worth that much, Third-Party Cover is worth considering.


Here’s how it works:


If you cause an accident, you can be held legally responsible to pay for the damage you have caused to someone else’s property. In most cases, this will be their car and possibly the items they had in there at the time of the accident. This could be a laptop, cellphone – even child car seats. However, there could be a scenario where another car isn’t involved, but you nevertheless damage another’s property.


Here’s an example:


It’s the first rain of the season and the roads are especially slippery. You lose control of your car and accidentally drive into the boundary wall of someone’s house.


You’re liable to pay to repair their wall. However, because you did the damage to your car, you could claim on your Budget Third-Party Car Insurance.


You wouldn’t need to worry about how you’d afford to pay for all these repairs. We’d settle the bill for you! The only thing you need to pay for is the standard excess we implement on all 3rd Party Car Insurance claims. Get a car insurance quote with us online today!

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What clients say

Absolutely amazing service! Thank you to Eugene who helped the morning of the accident. Our claim was handled in record time, and you phoned exactly when you said you would. Thank you Budget. All your people are gems.


Annelize Faca

Answering all your questions

What is legal liability?

‘Liability’ is a legal term that means you are responsible for something. In the case of 3rd party car insurance claims, this means you need to pay to repair or replace a car that you have damaged. In road accidents, you’re only responsible for the damages to property, not for the damages that arise if another person is injured.


That’s what the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is for – the injured person would make a claim with the RAF. However, in other scenarios away from the road, it’s certainly possible to cause an accident that results in physical harm to someone else where you would have to pay damages for their injuries. An example of this would be if someone trips over a carpet and is injured in your home.

Why would I need Third-Party Car Insurance?

Even though it isn’t a legal requirement, we strongly recommend you take out – at the very least – a basic third-party plan.

If you are held legally liable to pay for the damage your car has done to someone else’s property, you don’t have much choice in the matter. If the expenses are more than you can afford (think of how much it would cost to replace a Ferrari if you crashed into one and it was written off), you could go bankrupt trying to pay it off. Don’t put your and your family’s lifestyle at risk by driving without third-party car insurance.


What isn’t covered under Third-Party Only Car Insurance?

At Budget, we don’t ask too much of our customers. Only that they follow the basic law and rules of the road. Therefore, if you do any of these things, you won’t be covered: 


  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Have an endorsed or invalid driver’s licence.

  • Drive an unroadworthy car.

  • Leave the scene of an accident without recording the details of the accident and everyone involved.

  • Race in your car.


Finally, we won’t payout if you use your car to earn an income – you need special insurance for this. Chat to us if you need a different kind of third-party car insurance.



Is third-party insurance cheaper?

It might seem obvious that third-party cover will always be cheaper, but that isn’t necessarily the case, especially if you look at it over a long period of time. 

It’s true that your monthly premiums are going to be lower with 3rd party cover than what you’d pay on a comprehensive plan. But because many people take out third-party cover for the wrong reason (it’s the cheapest option), they often end up paying more in the long term.


This happens when the insured’s car is stolen or written off and they can’t afford to buy another car because they didn’t have insurance to cover theft or accidental damage. Rather than using the payout they would have received on a comprehensive plan to buy a new car, they need to start saving for a deposit from scratch. That’s money spent on taxis, cabs, and your friends’ petrol tanks rather than your own car.



What do I do if I cause an accident?

Whether you cause an accident or not, it’s important to follow our step-by-step accident guide straight away. Once you’re done with the basics, you can worry about your third-party insurance claim. 

Remember to never admit fault after an accident, no matter if you believe you were in the wrong, before you’ve reported the accident to us. We need to investigate the incident and liaise with the other driver’s car insurance company. If you admit fault, it can affect the outcome of our investigation and negotiations.


Other Car Insurance Products




This package comes with it all. Get cover for theft and hijacking, accidental damage, third-party liability, and loss.


Third-Party, Fire, and Theft


More than just third-party only, you’re also covered if your car is damaged by fire, attempted theft, stolen, or hijacked.


Third-Party Only


It can be expensive to repair someone else’s car if you cause an accident. We’ll help you pay for it with Third-Party Only Car Insurance.


Budget Lite 


This is extra special Car Insurance made for smaller budgets. Get all of the essentials and none of the frills.


Scratch & Dent


Your car can look as pristine as it did the day you bought it with Scratch & Dent insurance. Fix up all those nasty little scratches and chips with this product.


Tyre & Rim Guard


Damaged rims not only look bad, but they can be dangerous. Get them and your tyres fixed or replaced when they’re damaged by potholes.


Auto Top-Up


Don’t sit with a shortfall on your finance when your car insurance pays out for theft or write-off. Cover it with Auto Top-Up.


Motor Warranty


If your car has an electrical or mechanical fault or failure, we’ll cover a portion of the costs to fix it.