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Insurance for Cars under R250 000

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Get a Cash Back Bonus


Simply add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back.


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Budget Lite Benefits


Tailor-Made Insurance


Car valued under R250 000? There’s a Budget Lite plan for you! Cover your vehicle with tailor-made insurance for cars that are valued up to R250 000. When your budget is tight, take out Budget Lite.


Cars Worth Less Than R250 000


If your car is full of dings and dents, you probably don’t need comprehensive car insurance, but something a little lighter. Budget Lite was made for cars worth less than R250 000.


R1 Million Third-Party Cover


All our Budget Lite plans automatically come with up to R1 million in third-party cover. If you accidentally damage someone else’s property while driving, you can be held liable. This cover protects you financially.

Budget Lite Insurance


If your car has been around the block (a few times) then you deserve a special kind of insurance. We know that not everyone wants cover for absolutely everything when it comes to car insurance and that finding extra money each month to pay your car insurance can be hard. This is why, at Budget Insurance, we’ve come up with three super affordable car insurance packages for smaller budgets. Check out the three options in our Budget Lite range below and pick the one that best suits your pocket. We’re going back to basics and keeping things simple – as simple as getting a Budget Lite Insurance quote online in minutes!


What is Budget Lite Insurance?


Are you driving a car that's under R250 000? If you answered ‘yes’ to this question, then Budget Lite cover could be just what you need.


We get that everyone has different budgets, and we’re here to look out for those with the smaller ones. Our three Budget Lite options offer three affordable car insurance options for vehicles in the lower price bracket. We’re pretty sure that you’ll find the one that’s right for you.


Budget Lite 1


If your main concern is theft and third-party cover, then Budget Lite 1 is our car insurance option for you. Your car is covered if it is stolen or hijacked and you will be covered for up to R1 million in third-party cover. You can even upgrade your cover to include your car’s sound system if you like.


Budget Lite 2


Budget Lite 2 insures your car if it’s written-off after an accident, covers up to R1 million for third-party damage, and theft and hail damage cover. We’ll also throw in our Accident Assist benefit which includes towing and storing your car after an accident.


Budget Lite 3


With Budget Lite 3, you get full cover if your car is written-off after an accident, up to R1 million third-party cover, insurance for theft and hail damage, and limited accident cover. We’ll also tow and store your car after an accident with our Accident Assist benefit. Budget Lite 3 is now available for financed cars, too!

More about car insurance

Car insurance calculator


We use a calculator to give you a quote that’s within budget. Find out how it works.

Car insurance companies


How much do you really know about your insurance companies in South Africa? At Budget Insurance, we want you to be informed.

Car insurance types


We offer seven different insurance types. Choose from our most comprehensive plan right down to the lightest cover for the tightest budgets with Budget Lite.


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Save up to R340pm* with us!

What clients say

Absolutely amazing service! Thank you to Eugene who helped the morning of the accident. Our claim was handled in record time, and you phoned exactly when you said you would. Thank you Budget. All your people are gems.


Annelize Faca

Frequently asked questions

Will my car insurance claim be paid in cash?

With our Comprehensive Car Insurance, we would normally handle your car insurance claim directly with the repairer. This means there’d be no cash payout. However, with Budget Lite 3, you get up to a R15 000 payout if you’re in an accident. You can use this cash to repair your car if the damage is under R15 000. If it’s more than that, you’ll need to pay the balance from your own pocket.

Remember, Budget Lite 1 and 2 don’t cover the repairs for damage to your own car, so we neither arrange with a repairer nor pay you out any cash if you’re in an accident.

Are other drivers covered under my policy?

Because we actually cover your car and not just you, you can add other drivers to your Budget Lite Car Insurance policy. Just make sure to tell us who they are and give us their details. If you don’t do this, we may not pay your claim. That’s because the people who drive your car affect your premium. We need to know so we can give you the most accurate, budget-friendly Car Insurance quote possible.

What isn’t covered under Budget Lite?

Because the Budget Lite insurance policies are non-comprehensive, there are a few limits on your cover depending on which option you go for. Car hire and windscreen damage is not included in all three options. Below are a few other exclusions to take note of.


Budget Lite 1 excludes:

  • Any accident damage to your car – only damage to third-party vehicles is included in the cover. You will have to cover the costs of all repairs on your car.
  • Accident Assist – this is the added benefit that includes towing and storing your car after an accident.
  • Hail damage.


Budget Lite 2 excludes:

  • Any accident damage to your car – except those damages covered in a write off.


Budget Lite 3 excludes:

  • Full accident damage to your car – except those damages covered in a write off, and by your limited accident cover.

What does third-party cover mean?

If you only have one type of car cover, make sure it’s third-party cover. Third-party covers anyone, apart from you, who is involved in an accident. For example, the third party can be the driver of the other car in an accident that you caused. It also may be a retailer, for example, if you drove your car through a shop window.

If you were responsible for the accident, then you are also responsible for the costs of the damage caused to their property. Third-party cover will protect you financially against the potentially crippling costs of causing damage to someone else’s car, especially if it is an expensive model.

Third-party does not cover your damage if you have an accident. If the accident is not your fault, however, you can claim against the other party.

What are the optional extras?

Because choice is always a good thing – we’ve included a few optional extras that you can add to your Budget Lite policy. For an additional cost, you can add on sound system cover (because your tunes are important) and canopy cover for your utility van or bakkie. There’s also the option to add on Sasria cover which covers your car for damage in a riot or strike.

And because being claim-free is enough reason to celebrate, you can also add on our Cash Back Bonus, which means you start getting cash back after two years of being claim-free. How’s that for an awesome bonus to look forward to?

Other Car Insurance Products


Comprehensive Car Insurance


If your car is lost, stolen, damaged in an accident or by a natural event, our Comprehensive Car Insurance will cover it. If you damage someone else’s property, we’ll cover that too.


BetterCar Value 


Similar to our Comprehensive Car Cover option, BetterCar Value pays you out for the same car but one year newer if yours is written off.


Scratch & Dent


This value-added product pays for you to repair small and light dents, chips, and scratches that might occur on the exterior of your car.


Motor Warranty


As cars get older, they’re more likely to suffer mechanical and electrical faults. These can be expensive to repair or replace, but not when you have a Motor Warranty.


Third-Party, Fire, and Theft


We’ll cover you for third-party damage you cause, if a fire damages your car, or if it’s stolen – but not accidental damage your own car sustains.


Auto Top-Up


When you pay off a car, there might be a period of time when your car insurance wouldn’t quite cover the outstanding amount – that’s why we offer Auto Top-Up.


Third-Party Only


Third-Party Only cover is the most basic of all our Car Insurance plans. It’s perfect if you have a small budget and your car isn’t worth that much.


Tyre & Rim Guard


There’s a high chance your tyres and rims might run into trouble on some of our pothole-filled roads. When they do, there’s Tyre & Rim Guard.