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Budget-friendly and Fuel-efficient Ways to Get Around

Finance & Money

Posted on Wednesday, September 29, 2021

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The frequent increases in the price of fuel are unavoidable, but there are ways to make sure that getting from point A to B doesn’t throw you off budget. By planning your trips and comparing the various options available to you, you can ease the pressure on your finances.


Alternative transport


With the rise in fuel prices, it’s best to look at splitting the cost of fuel with someone or investing in other means of travel that don’t require you buying fuel and save an extra buck in the process. If you’re thinking of carpooling or taking public transport, be sure to observe COVID-19 protocol: wash your hands, sanitise, wear a mask, open a window or two and maintain a social distance between you and the people around you. Some options to consider are:


  • Walking – If you live in close proximity to some of the places you need access to, take a walk! Load up a podcast or audiobook to keep you company and stretch your legs.
  • Cycling – bikes are environmentally friendly and a healthy way to get from one place to another.
  • Carpooling– Your car will last longer, as you won’t be driving it as much, and you’ll also spend less on fuel.
  • Public transport  – Keeping to a travel schedule can be beneficial to your time-management skills. With the various options available, you are able to access different modes of transport in the event of disruptions.  


Be on the lookout for fuel hikes


Try your best to stay in the loop with news updates. That way, when the next fuel price increase is announced, you can fill up your car(s) before it comes into effect. One thing to note, though, is that research has shown that filling your tank to capacity consumes more fuel than filling it half way due to the weight added to the vehicle. So consider filling your tank half way, and then filling up a container to use as backup supply.


Travelling off-peak


Whenever you have planned long-distance travel using public transport, book your tickets in advance, or travel during off-peak season so you can score discounted or considerably lower prices on your trips. In the case of daily travel, some transport services (for example Uber and Bolt) up their prices during peak hours, so rather travel before or after the peak hours. It is equally pricey to drive during peak hours because you use more fuel sitting in traffic, so wait it out or leave before it picks up.


Plan your trips


If you need to go to the barber, send documents and do grocery shopping, look for a shopping mall/centre or area that offers all of those services in close proximity to one another – you’ll save on fuel and time. However, this requires you to plan your trip and the errands you need to run to better inform your destination.


So before you take your next trip, consider all these options and look at what works best for you and your budget. Be safe!