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To pimp or not to pimp

Its all Insurance

Posted on Friday, September 25, 2015

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What does it mean to pimp your car? Does it mean you need to drop the suspension, exchange the rims for spinners, cover the dashboard in fur and hang a spinning disco ball from your rear-view mirror? No, it doesn’t, unless you want to do it, in which case that sounds lovely… To pimp your car is to customise it to suit your needs from the exterior to the interior to what is happening under the hood.

But, say you do add a little speed to your hot rod, will your car insurance still cover you? Making changes to your engine to increase the speed, for instance, will definitely void your manufacturer’s warrantee (if you have one). However, it’s important that you declare these amendments and to check with the agent whether or not your car is covered, when you take out insurance. Now you should know that this might increase your monthly premiums a tad, but not declaring it might mean that you won’t be paid out if you damage your car.

Making all these changes to your car can cost a fortune, though there are a few tricks and hacks you can try to improve your wheels without going broke.


The type of rims on your car can increase your car’s reselling value. Shop around to find the perfect fit for your car: search on sites such as Gumtree or Bidorbuy for specials or go to an auto salvage yard, here you’ll find written-off cars and who knows what gems you might find when you start searching. Once you’ve found a set close to your heart, search online for tutorials on how to install them yourself to cut a little more on your pimp-spend. Finding rims that are the perfect fit is not an easy task, so once you’ve found them make sure you keep them covered with our Tyre & Rims Guard.


Spraying or repainting your car does not come cheap. Which is why when you do get the money together for a paintjob, you should protect it against every day wear and tear with our Scratch & Dent cover. Luckily, you don’t need to break the bank to add flames to your wheels or lightning to your bonnet anymore. A more affordable option is to buy decals or vinyl wraps. You can order these online and even apply them to your car yourself – saving you time and money.


Depending on the kind of sound system you put in your car you might get away with something that is not too expensive. Best of all, if you’re a handy individual, installing it is something you can do yourself – just search for tutorial or videos on how to install a new sound system. Also, remember that when you do add a new sound system to your car, you should notify your insurer.


This is not as flashy as colouring in your car, but it is useful. Tired of your car being a mess? Get a tool belt that will fit in your door or cubbyhole, now you can neatly store all your small and loose car necessities. Try pasting sticky pads on your dashboard to keep your cellphone or loose change etc from slipping around in your car. Keep the wrinkles out of your clothes (let’s be honest, car coat hooks are somewhat useless in this regard), by hooking a mesh bungee to the inside of your roof . You can also eliminate your car’s garbage problem by simply putting a plastic cereal box in your car, creating a small car-dustbin.

After all these improvements to your car, all you need is insurance that compliments your new look. Click here to complete a quick online quote and see how much you can save with Budget Insurance.

Remember to ask your insurer about all your non-fitted accessories and up to what amount your accessories are covered.