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10 tips to clean your car

House & Home

Posted on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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A clean car is not only a lot more fun to drive but also by washing away the everyday dust and grime you’ll protect your car in the long run. It’s advised that cars should be washed about once a week (regular washing means easier washing), and preferably in the shade as the sun will dry the soapy water quicker leaving stains. But, before you fork over a weekly 60 or 70 bucks remember that all this adds up, rather save the money and wash it yourself. 


Now, you don’t have to go out and buy the best equipment, soaps and waxes you can find, we do have a couple hacks that’ll make washing your vehicle easier (and more affordable).

Sticky tree sap

Remember to go about this very gently, as you might damage your car’s paint if you work too roughly. Wash the tree sap with hot water (this might not remove it completely but it will soften the sap). Next you can use either mineral spirits or alcohol wipes to gently rub off the sap or dab a little hand sanitizer on the spots for a few minutes. Once the sap is removed wash as per normal.  

Rain spots

Find hair conditioner that has both silicone and lanolin as ingredients. After you’ve washed your car, rub the conditioner in, leave for a few minutes and wash off. No need to wax after.

Dirty wipers

Dirty wipers will streak your windows, obscuring your view. Mix 1/4 cup household ammonia with 1 litre cold water and soak a soft cloth in the solution. Lift the blades, wipe them clean with the soaked cloth, dry them and you’re done.

Hazy headlights

Apply your normal everyday toothpaste  generously to your headlights then rub them clean with a clean cloth. Haziness gone. Just remember that toothpaste is an abrasive.

Old registration sticker

We’ve all seen those registration-sticker-graveyard-windows and it’s not pretty. Simply, wet a newspaper with warm water, cover the sticker with it for about 10 minutes and wash the remains away.

Coffee stains on your carpets

Dab up the spilled coffee immediately, unless you’re still driving then as soon as you can. Once the spot is dried, spray it with glass cleaner. Let it sit for about 5 minutes and blot it up. Glass cleaner is normally very effective on even the toughest stains and it doesn’t leave a soapy residue behind.

Dirty car mats

Clean your car mats thoroughly then wax them with a liquid shoe wax polish and leave them to dry before you put them back. This will keep them looking like new and they’ll be a breeze to clean next time.

Dusty interior

Coffee filters to the rescue! Simply dab a filter in a little vegetable or olive oil and wipe off your car’s console, leather seats and along the doors. The coffee filter will absorb all the dust while the oil will leave it shiny. Just don’t use too much oil too often, as it’ll leave the surface greasy.  


Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Use the upholstery attachment and vacuum everything. Start with the mats, then the ceiling (this will help if you’re a smoker), then the seats, then under the seats and lastly the floor.

Stained garage floor

Did you spill some oil on the garage floor? Simply, pour some coke on the floor and leave it overnight. Soak it up with old towels, rinse it off and wash the floor with dishwashing soap.


Remember, regardless of how often you wash and wax your vehicle there will also be certain scratches and dents you won’t get rid of. So, instead of damaging your shiny exterior add Budget Scratch & Dent cover to your Car Insurance policy.