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The Budget Insurance Guide to an Awesome Kota Experience!

Entertainment for you

Posted on Thursday, November 25, 2021

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South Africa has some of the most diverse menu offerings, but there’s nothing quite like having the full kota experience. A lot of thought goes into making sure you really enjoy this tower of deliciousness to the max.


From locating the best spot to buy a kota to identifying the perfect place to indulge, our amazing Budget Insurance community shared all you need to know when chasing the full kota experience.  


Choose the right spot


This layered stack of goodness can be messy  to get your first bite into. So before digging in, you’ll want to make sure that you find a spot that has little to no distractions and that you’re sitting comfy. Here are some places to go to the next time you think of grabbing a kota:


  • Under a tree: on a clear summer’s day, you get the perfect amount of shade and the perfect view, all for free.
  • At home: there are minimal distractions – it’s just you and your kota.
  • At the spot you get your kota: most often the restaurants offer vibey music, the perfect setting for days when you want to have a kota with your buddies.
  • Outdoors: whether it’s near a dam or at a picnic spot, you and your loved one can enjoy a beautiful view, good food and each other’s company.


Great company


While many would rather have their kotas all to themselves, some meals just taste better when you share them or enjoy them with your buddies, partner or family. Sharing also comes with the added bonus of having good company and making memories. So take someone with you next time.


Choose the right time


The truth is, anytime is kota time. But to really enjoy your kota, you need to have time. It can’t be rushed! So before you make the mistake of buying a kota and finding yourself having to put it away to attend to something urgent, look at your day and find a time slot when you can indulge uninterrupted. Besides, kotas are meant to be enjoyed fresh and warm.


Where is the ultimate place to get the best kota?


We wouldn’t be Budget if we didn’t hook you up with a budget-friendly option. While there’s the option of making your own kota, it just wouldn’t taste the same. So if you’re ever in Johannesburg and get the chance, treat yourself to Budget Insurance’s very own Budget Kota at Kota King in Soweto – trust us, you’ll understand what the best kotas are made of!


Now that you know what it takes to have that wholesome and unforgettable kota moment, go forth and spoil yourself! Remember to keep safe: wear a mask, social distance and sanitise.