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Cell Phone Insurance

We use our cell phones more than we watch TV, listen to the radio, or read the newspaper. It’s become so much more than a portable communication device – it’s how you get you news, where you keep track of your daily calendars, your entertainment portal and just general life-buddy. It’s hard to imagine a day going by without it by your side, which is why Cell Phone Insurance is so important.

Cell Phone Insurance


What is a cell phone? 


A cell phone, also called a mobile phone, is a portable telephone that uses cellular network technology to make and receive calls. Nowadays, most cell phones are smartphones which can also connect to the internet 


Why insure your cell phone? 


This little piece of technology goes with you wherever you go. It’s become hard to imagine life without being able to send a quick WhatsApp message to a friend, checking in on the latest updates on Facebook or even just ordering your dinner on a delivery app! Your whole life – personal, work and social – relies on having a cell phone. Whether you like it or not! 


Unfortunately, due to their portable nature, cell phones are easily stolen and lost. And because you carry them everywhere you go, they’re also more likely to get damaged. 


Budget’s Cell Phone Insurance will ensure that if your cell phone is lost, damaged or stolen, it will be replaced with the same or similar device you had before claiming. 


Portable Possessions Insurance 


Cell Phone Insurance falls under Portable Possessions Insurance. This product comes standard when you take out a Home Contents Insurance policy with Budget Insurance. It includes all items that you normally carry with you that can be lost, stolen or damaged. However, you need to have a Budget Car, Motorcycle or Home Contents Insurance policy to qualify for Portable Possessions Insurance. 


You’ll need to list your cell phone as a specified item and make sure it’s insured for its full replacement value. Other portable possessions that are included under your Portable Possessions policy include cameras, jewellery, watches and laptops. 


What Cell Phone Insurance covers 


Our Cell Phone Insurance protects you in a range of difference circumstances. These include: 

Accidental damage: This includes dropping your cell phone and even water damage. However, the damage has to be substantial and affect the cell phone’s functionality. Scratches or other superficial damage to the outer casing of your phone aren’t covered. 

Accidental loss: This includes accidentally losing your cell phone, like leaving it behind in a taxi. We will ask you to explain how it happened though – so take care of it to avoid having to explain an embarrassing situation! 

Theft: This covers you if your cell phone is stolen, but only if you can prove that you didn’t act irresponsibly. For example, it’s not covered if you left your cell phone on an unattended table in a busy restaurant. You will be covered if your cell phone is stolen in a smash and grab. 


What Cell Phone Insurance doesn’t cover 


While our Cell Phone Insurance quotes are comprehensive, they don’t cover your cell phone if you use it solely for business, trade or professional purposes; you need to use it for personal or domestic reasons too.


We will also not cover more than the stated amount if your cell phone was stolen from the cabin or boot of a vehicle; it will only be covered if there is visible damage caused in a break-in. 


You won’t be covered for loss of or damage to the battery and SIM card, unless they are stolen with your phone. Defects in design or manufacturing as well as erased and corrupted data aren’t covered. 


Remember, your cell phone isn’t covered unless it’s been specified under your Portable Possessions policy. Make sure to always update your policy when you get a new cell phone.  


Cell Phone Insurance quotes 


Ready to get a Cell Phone Insurance quote? Give us a call on 0861 00 13 53 or save your airtime and just leave your details and we’ll call you back. Our friendly consultants will get you set up with the best cell phone insurance quotes in no time! 

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for more information.