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Property Insurance


We know that your property is extremely valuable. That’s why you need reliable Property Insurance that covers any damages that might happen to your property, as well as any extra costs and accidents that may happen. Whether it’s your geyser bursting in the middle of the night, your gate motor getting struck by lightning or an old tree falling over your boundary wall.


Insuring your property with Budget today means that you don’t need to feel alone when disaster strikes. Get an affordable Budget Property Insurance quote online today – and start to feel more relaxed within your home.

Property Insurance


What is Property Insurance?


Property Insurance involves financial protection for your house or related structure if something bad were to happen to it. Your property isn’t just a collection of walls - it’s the home that you’ve built for yourself and your family, so you really need to think about how you’ve planned to maintain your property.

Property Insurance includes the fixed structures of your property, such as walls, roofing, piping, boreholes, gate motors, fencing, pools, sheds, garages, windows, boundary walls, lapas, geysers, built-in cupboards, safety structures such as barbed wire and burglar bars, and built-in features like ovens, basins or sinks. All these things can become extremely expensive if they need to be replaced out of pocket!


Why do you need Property Insurance?


Freak events like floods and other natural disasters, burst/leaking geysers and accidental fires are unpredictable. With our Property Insurance, we will help you prepare yourself for unexpected events on your property. You can think of Property Insurance as a large investment: you wouldn’t want to be left cold and alone in a flood with a new, massive debt to rebuild your home because something unpredictable happened.

By taking out Property Insurance, you won't be left with all of the unexpected costs that come with rebuilding your home. These can include demolition charges, municipal fees, waste/debris removal and costs for securing the property for safe living again. 

If you were to spend time calculating the value of your building, you have to remember to include every wall, gate, shed, window, paving, roof tile, storey, building type, borehole, alarm, door knob, tap and basin… and so much more that we didn’t list! Replacing all of these elements can become unaffordable should something drastic happen to your property and its contents.

We know that affordability matters when you’re faced with an unexpected situation. With Budget Insurance, taking out our Property Insurance means that you’ll be taking care of yourself and your property when you find yourself in a tough spot due to accidental or natural disaster damage.  

We know that it can be difficult to anticipate all of the potential issues you may have, so it’s a smart idea to get broad coverage that protects you against as many risks as possible. 


Budget Property Insurance


You might be wondering why you should choose Budget’s property cover. Well, it’s because we’ve got a far-reaching range of cover for your home, including:

  • Loss of water due to leaking or burst pipes and geysers, as well as burst geysers/pipes as a separate item.

  • Natural disaster events, including wind, lightning, storm, flood, hail and snow.

  • Fires, explosions and earthquakes that can destroy your property.

  • Theft and intentional damage to your property.

  • Damage caused by alterations and additions happening on your property.

  • Landslides from human or natural activity.

  • Power surges, failures and dips (independent of Load Shedding measures).

  • Cover from falling trees and vehicle damage.

  • The impact from non-domestic animals.

  • The impact of aircrafts and articles dropped by aircrafts.

  • Temporary accommodation costs, if needed – subject to your specific policy terms.

  • Accidental loss or damage to property owned by someone else. 

  • Fire brigade costs if they need to be called to your property.

  • Veld fires (region-dependent).

We can also customise a plan for you, no matter the size of your budget or size of your property. 


What can you use Budget Property Insurance for?


While property damage can depend on weather conditions, anyone could have an unfortunate accident at their home. Thanks to today’s advanced technology and building options, it’s easier to treat damages than ever before. However, repairing your entire home will be extremely expensive to cover from your personal savings. If you don’t have anything in place, you risk devaluing your property and leaving with nothing. 

Budget Property Insurance is in place to cover you against many kinds of accidental or natural disaster events that could happen at any time. In the event of a serious accident, Budget could pay you out to assist with major property repairs. Budget also gives you immediate cover for accidental and natural damage, subject to your specific policy terms. 

This means that you can rest assured, knowing that you and your property are protected in the event of disaster. You can also opt to increase your cover with additional add-ons that suit your personalised needs. 

You may need to provide adequate photographs and documentation to get your claim approved. All required documentation will be communicated to you during the process of assessing your claim. 


Other Budget Property Insurance Options


How big is your property and where are you located? How many people reside in your household and what is the value of your home contents? Are your property’s structures in good condition, or do they need maintenance? Are you protected against natural disasters? 

These are some questions that you should ask yourself before you commit to a specific Property Insurance option. Budget is committed to making sure that you’ve got the best policy in place for your personalised needs. 

If you want even more choices to consider, we’ve got a range of other insurance options for you. These include:

  • Business Property Insurance – Are you worried about the wellbeing of your work premises as well as your home? This is cover for your office or work building, which is also subject to natural damage. This could include your office contents and equipment, as well as glass and machinery damage. 

  • Personal Legal Liability – This covers you if you’re responsible for the accidental death or injury to someone who is not in your household. It includes legal responsibility to the property of others. 

  • Home Contents Insurance – This is useful to protect everything located inside your house, including TV’s, stereos, computers, cell-phones, furniture, clothing and more. You can choose which home contents you want to insure. 

  • All risk – This covers items that you regularly carry outside of your home.  This includes valuables that ae used on a daily basis, such as jewellery, clothing, sporting equipment, keys/locks, remote controls, bicycles, laptops, tablets, cellphones and more. You will be able to read about the specific items in your chosen policy. 

We also offer various bundles for taking out multiple Budget policies – making it even more affordable to you when you combine different policies.


Assist Benefits


Assist Benefits are an additional benefit that you’ll gain access to when you take out a qualifying Budget policy, including Budget’s Property Insurance policy.  They have been created with you in mind – so that you get more out of your insurance policy than you ever expected!

This benefit includes access to Trauma Assist and Medical Assist – helping you out if you ever find yourself in a traumatic situation or medical emergency.

If you take out Business Property Insurance, you’ll be able to access Biz Assist, which gives you access to office assistance. This can help with emergencies that my happen on your premises.

Budget’s Assist Benefits works with a growing network of trained professionals to assist you whenever you need it most. We’re here to make your life easier whenever we can! 


Extra benefits 


Are you looking for even more Budget Insurance Products? Budget has gone above and beyond to make sure we can protect you – with affordable cover for all aspects of your life.


Budget Property Insurance quotes


Life is too short to spend it worrying about what the future may bring. Get an affordable Budget Property Insurance quote today and leave it to us to help you out in your time of need. Get a Property Insurance quote online, call us on 0860 86 04 44, or leave your details and we’ll call you back. Saving you money from the start!

Affordable, ‘cos you can’t afford not to.


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