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Camper trailer insurance: Why you need it for your next getaway?

Its all Insurance

Posted on Monday, July 18, 2022

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Camper trailer insurance: Why you need it for your next getaway? 

Did you know that more than R8 billion worth of vehicles are hijacked or stolen in South Africa every year [1]? Protecting yourself against this possibility is very wise. 


Your car insurance policy covers your vehicle while hauling a camper trailer, however, most car insurance policies won’t cover damage to your camper trailer if you’re involved in an accident. For this reason, you should consider taking out camper trailer insurance.


The term ‘local is lekker’ definitely applies to holidaying locally in South Africa! When travelling in South Africa – whether you enjoy the big five in the Kruger National Park or hiking up Table Mountain – camper trailer cover might be necessary. 


This article will help you find out all you need to know about this type of insurance, including what it covers and what it doesn’t cover.




What does camper trailer insurance actually cover? 


Many homeowners understand the importance of having home insurance and car owners know they should have auto insurance. If you own a camper trailer, do you know that your car insurance won’t cover it if it’s damaged in an accident?


It will be very frustrating if something were to happen to your camper trailer and its contents, not to mention upsetting should you have to miss out on a long overdue holiday. If you can’t turn around and have to continue for whatever reason, you might have to pay exorbitant fees for accommodation and for moving your trailer. This is avoidable if you take out camper trailer cover – insurance that’s similar in many respects to caravan insurance


Aside from road accidents, your trailer could also be stolen, vandalized, burned by fire, damaged by storms or floods, maliciously damaged or hijacked. Plus, let’s not forget the rowdy monkeys found in many of South Africa’s campsites could also cause damage to your camper trailer and its contents. 


If you accidentally damage another person’s property (oops!), your insurer will cover you for the liability. 


If you choose an affordable comprehensive camper trailer insurance policy, you can totally relax and enjoy your trip.



How camper trailer insurance works?


Now that you know what camper trailer insurance covers, it’s time to learn how to get it. The process is similar to getting home insurance or car insurance. It begins with getting a quote from a trustworthy insurer like Budget Insurance.


You’ll often find that a typical camper trailer insurance policy doesn’t cover holiday camping equipment like freezers, linen, kitchen utensils, outdoor sporting gear, bedding and other goodies. Since these items can be very expensive to replace, it’s advisable to get portable possessions insurance to cover them.


If you carry a motorcycle or watercraft along with your camper trailer, you might want to get proper insurance for them too. Major insurance companies, like Budget Insurance, have motorcycle insurance and watercraft insurance to cover you in case of unfortunate events such as theft, accidental damage or damage due to natural disasters.


Perhaps your desire for local is lekker extends to our neighbouring countries. Don’t worry, a good insurer will cover your camper trailer in full anywhere in Southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Lesotho.


Covering your portable possessions may result in paying a little more travel trailer insurance, but you’ll have peace of mind at your holiday campsite and while journeying there. Isn’t that worth paying a bit extra to protect your most prized possessions?


What does camper trailer insurance not cover?


Camper trailer insurance doesn’t cover you in every situation. It’s important to check and verify what your policy covers and what it doesn’t cover. 


Most insurers won’t cover your camper trailer under any of the following scenarios:

  • If you’re involved in an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving without a valid driver’s licence.

  • When you’re involved in an accident when driving an unroadworthy trailer or towing vehicle.

  • If your trailer is involved in an accident while carrying loads beyond its registered capacity.

  • If you use your camper trailer to generate income.

  • In the event where a household member gets injured or dies in an accident. The same applies if an employee suffers injuries or dies while working for you.


To reiterate: read your policy to ensure you know what’s not covered by your camper trailer cover. Knowing precisely what your cover includes and excludes can save you frustrations if you ever need to claim.


What are the benefits of travel trailer insurance? 


When towing a travel trailer, you’re exposed to a bigger on-road risk because your overall vehicle is longer and heavier. Accidental damage to your trailer or towing vehicle could impact your journey.


Besides the beWhnefits of travel trailer insurance mentioned earlier, there are additional ones, including:


  • Your insurer may also include roadside assistance and/or towing in your travel trailer insurance cover.  As a result, you could save yourself costly fees and the possibility of having to abandon your trailer in unsafe areas.


  • The main benefit of travel trailer insurance is that you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your trailer is financially protected. This means that if you’re involved in an accident or theft, your insurer is likely to cover the cost to repair or replace your trailer. 


  • Damage to another person’s property is also covered by comprehensive travel trailer insurance.


  • If you use your travel trailer as your primary home, your travel trailer insurance will offer you the same sort of protection as home insurance.



How much does camper trailer insurance cost?


The cost of any insurance isn’t standard because it varies based on many factors, including the type of item protected. For a camper trailer, your premium will depend on some of the following:

  • Where you park it at night and during the day. If parked in a secure place like a garage, your premium will be less than when parked behind a locked gate.

  • The area you live in. There are certain areas in South Africa where the theft of trailers and cars tends to be high. If you stay in such an area, the risk to the insurer is higher, which could result in a higher camper trailer insurance cost for you.

  • Your age and gender. Younger people tend to be riskier to insurers than older, more experienced drivers, meaning that they often have to pay a higher premium. Women generally are less of a risk than men, which could qualify them for a lower camper trailer insurance premium.

  • Other factors your insurer is likely to consider include any modifications on your camper trailer, its age, make and the contents. 


Where to get trailer insurance for your next trip?


Don’t make the mistake of taking your camper trailer on your next holiday without the right insurance. Imagine what could happen if you’re involved in an accident and damage your trailer or if it is stolen!


The team at Budget Insurance has the expertise to answer any questions you still have and to provide insurance cover for your camper trailer. To find out the cost of the right policy for your specific camper trailer,  go to the Budget website and obtain a free and no-obligation quote for your travel trailer.