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Winter wonders on a budget

Entertainment for you

Posted on Friday, June 26, 2015

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We’ve got great news – the schools are closing for the holidays, which means traffic will ease up for a while. Although, this also means that suddenly you’ll have to find new and interesting ways to keep the family entertained and out of trouble. This need not be a daunting task, nor time spent in front of the TV.


Take a look at our list below of fun and stimulating activities to do, whether you’re home or away.


Google is your friend

Do you want to go away for the holidays so your children can see and experience a different part of the country?  Try searching for affordable getaways or tourist attractions. Not only will you find all sorts of gems you never knew of, but you’ll also be able to get an estimate of what these adventures will cost and if you’re lucky, find specials. Be very certain of what it is that you want to do and how much you’re willing to spend. Proper planning and sticking to the plan is the only real way that your budget will work.  


Gear up for a wild ride

You don’t need to be an adrenaline junky to enjoy a day at one of South Africa’s theme parks, you just need to be hungry for fun (and food). Just remember to update your Personal Possessions Insurance before you go on any of the rides, so you won’t be disappointed should something unexpectedly slip out of your pocket.   



Catch up with nature

Dress warmly and have a picnic on the beach or in the park, or go for a walk in your local botanical garden or nature reserve. Take the dog and a Frisbee with you or have kids search for interesting (yet safe) insects. You want them to run and play and tire themselves out, so you can enjoy a peaceful evening. Visit a zoo, planetarium or museum and learn something new and interesting. Depending on where you go, you won’t even have to pay an entrance fee. 


And action

If you and the family are more into the whole action adventure thing (or spirits are running a little high) go play a couple of paintball rounds. If paintball sounds too harsh, you can always try adventure golf, go-karting or ice-skating. 


Where art thou

For those who prefer the more relaxed things in life, take the kids to go see a play, comedy show or an exhibition. Look through your local paper or on computicket to see what’s showing and to look for specials and discounts. 



Spend some quality time with the kids whilst teaching them important life skills. Too many students, bachelors and bachelorettes had to struggle through the how-to-boil-an-egg phase. Show your kids from an early age just how much fun can be had in the kitchen, creating different meals. Who knows, maybe you’ll get helpers or rather sous chefs in-training for future meals. 


Board it up

Break out all your favourite board and card games and get everyone together for some bonding after a nice cosy winter’s meal. This is also an excellent solution for when load shedding strikes. The important things about these types of games are, not only are you spending time with your family, but your kids are also developing important skills, from social behaviour such as waiting your turn and interaction, to critical thinking. 


Dr Frankenstein

Two birds with one stone - take on a few science experiments with the kids, it’ll be loads of fun and they can start figuring out what to do for their next school science project. Just be warned that these experiments can quickly take a messy turn, so it might be best to do them outside. 


All you really need to do to make this an unforgettable holiday is get a little creative (stick to a budget) and spend quality time with your family. It will be a holiday they’ll never forget.