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Should you start a fitment centre?

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Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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With millions of cars driving on our roads every day, there is no shortage of a need for tyre and wheel, sound and aircon fitment centres. If you are a skilled and versatile mechanic and dream of running your own business, then the opportunity is there.


What you will need

When opening a fitment centre, the right equipment is essential. Saving money and sticking to your budget is an important part of business ownership, so your first port of call is a good auto repair shop equipment company that will provide support and possible training, should it be required.


Leasing equipment when you first start out could be a more affordable option, particularly if you are starting from scratch or if you don’t have the capital upfront. However, it may be cheaper to buy it outright, so do your math and make a decision that best suits you and your future business.


Finding the right location
Location plays a big role in the survival of any business. Visibility is key, so look for a local premises near a main road to receive maximum traffic. When people can see your business and it is easily accessible, it can become highly preferred.


The building should have wide access so customers can drive their cars straight in and on and off hoists. If space is limited, you can use rolling jacks that sit under the tyres to maneuver the vehicle by hand. Remember to ensure the building is deep enough so you can back each car off the hoist inside the building.


Marketing your business
Although well-run car repair shops and fitment centres are essentially recession-proof, it can still be difficult to compete in such a competitive industry, so advertising cleverly and affordably is essential for a thriving business.

Place flyers under cars’ windshield wipers and contemplate offering discounts on simple repairs. Set up social media accounts in your business’s name and regularly update them with news and special offers. An email newsletter that you can compose and send out to your loyal database is another effective way of ensuring you stay top of mind. Customers trust a business based on other people’s experience, so if possible, always share customers’ positive reviews on your online spaces to build a more positive business image.

Choose the right business insurance
As the owner of a fitment centre, it’s important to have the right business insurance. You need to protect assets from the risks associated with making repairs and changes to other people’s vehicles. If there is an injury or an error, or damage is done to a vehicle, it could result in a costly claim.

Ultimately you need to be knowledgeable, skilled and behave in a way that encourages your customers to trust you and your abilities. If you care about what you do, your customers will care about your workshop, share their thoughts with others and help to grow your business by spreading positive word of mouth.

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