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Types of car insurance on offer



As we all begin to slowly emerge from the comfort of our homes back out onto our busy roads, getting back behind the wheel means re-assessing our knowledge of car insurance. So, before you begin planning the kids’ extramural timetables and scheduling your daily meetings, we want to make sure you remain safe from the second you pull out of your driveway. And that starts with figuring out what the best type of car cover is for you. 


What cover do the different car insurance policies give you? 


Contrary to popular belief, there are many different types of car cover. Yes, you actually get options! At Budget Insurance, we like to put you in the driver’s seat by letting you choose your own level of vehicle coverage. 

We crunched the numbers, balanced the calculations, and created an extensive selection of Car Insurance types – just for you! Let’s look at the kind of cover you’ll get under each of our Car Cover policies. 


Comprehensive Car Cover


To put it simply, this is the full package. It’s all you’ll ever need and all you’ll ever want when it comes to car cover types. This insurance package is comprehensive and worth the hype it gets. We’ll cover it all, including theft, loss, towing, and accident cover – it really doesn’t get much better than this! Trust us. 


Third-Party, Fire, and Theft Cover


For those with a smaller budget, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. We created this specific insurance package to be even more affordable. This type will cover you for all the big (more expensive) things, just not damage to your own vehicle, so you don’t have to foot the bill. It’s on us! 


Third-Party Only Car Cover


Already have your car paid off but still in need of cover that will keep you from taking on any serious debt due to an accident? Then this is the insurance package for you. We’ll take on the responsibility of covering the financial costs of any third-party damage, so you don’t have to. Leave the money worries to us!


Budget Lite 


We offer three levels of cover under our unique Budget Lite product. It’s made just for cars valued under R100 000 that are completely paid off. Perfect for the smaller budget.


More than just car insurance calculators

Car insurance in South Africa


Car insurance in South Africa can seem like a complex and daunting topic for many. Learn more.

Car insurance calculator


Our calculator gives you an accurate and budget-friendly quote in minutes. Find out what factors we use to do this.



Car insurance companies


We can help you identify everything you need to know about the insurance companies you’re considering. 

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Car Insurance

Types A,B or C? Let us help you

What type of car cover is best for me?

With all these options, how are you to know which car insurance type is the best? You might assume the best one is comprehensive auto insurance, and in terms of coverage, you’d be right. But not everyone can afford comprehensive cover, which means it isn’t ideal for everyone.


The best type of car insurance is the one that fits into your budget, whether that’s full coverage or third-party only. That’s because having car insurance of any kind in place is important. If you’re not sure which type of car cover is right for you, one of our friendly consultants can help you figure what will be best for you and your budget.

Do I need comprehensive car cover?

Comprehensive vehicle insurance is typically the most expensive type of car cover, so you might be wondering if you really need this full coverage. To figure this out, consider the age, mileage, and value of your car, as well as your own budget.


Cars that are newer and worth a lot need comprehensive cover. This is because if they are damaged in an accident, most people can’t afford to pay for the repairs from their own pocket. If your car is older and already has a few scars, you might not be as concerned about keeping it looking brand new, in which case, you don’t necessarily need comprehensive insurance.

What other cover can I get for my car?

In addition to the seven types of Car Insurance we have, we also offer several add-ons to make your Car Cover even better. These can be included in any Budget Car Insurance policy:

  • Scratch & Dent: We’ll pay to repair those little but annoying scratches, scrapes, dents, and chips on the body of your car.

  • Tyre & Rim Guard: Mounting the curb or hitting a pothole doesn’t have to mean you drive around with scratched rims forever. Tyre & Rim Guard pays to repair or replace your damaged tyres and rims.

  • Auto Top-Up: If your car is stolen or written-off, your payout may not fully cover what you owe on your financed car. Auto Top-Up pays the difference.

  • Motor Warranty: Cars and their parts don’t last forever. Get cover for mechanical and electrical faults with one of our Motor Warranties.

Do I legally need some type of car insurance?

It’s not a legal requirement to have insurance in South Africa – not even third-party cover. Having said that, lending institutions that help people finance their cars – like banks – make it compulsory to have insurance. So if you buy a car on credit, whether new or used, your bank is going to insist you take out cover. You’ll need to provide proof of this before you’re allowed to drive it home from the dealership.

What types of car cover are there for businesses?

You didn’t think we’d just cover individuals, did you? We have extensive cover for businesses too.  

As a business owner, we know just how hard you’ve worked to establish your company, particularly during these trying times. Don’t put it all at risk by not getting adequate insurance. Not only does this risky move come with serious financial implications, but it could make you liable for damages. It just isn’t worth it. 

Here are the policies under our Business Insurance division: 

  • Professional Business Insurance. We understand you work hard to maintain your livelihood and stay in your business’s budget. That’s why you deserve  an insurance partner that understands your exact needs. As a professional, we know you’re probably on the road a lot, visiting sites and clients. Our Professional Business Insurance covers your car on all your business travels.


  • Tradesman Business Insurance. As the saying goes: ’Tradesmen are forever on the road‘.  Which means you could benefit from insurance that gives you comprehensive public liability cover as well as risk cover for your car and the tools you  keep in it. 


  • Medical Business Insurance. As a medical practitioner, you’ve dedicated your life to having everyone else’s back. But who has yours? Well, you can now say Budget’s Medical Business Insurance does. While you might not do that much driving for your business – unless you do house-calls – you’ll still want an insurer who covers your vehicle no matter what you use it for.


  • General Business Insurance. If you own a retail business, like a florist, hairdresser, beauty salon, or even a coffee shop, our General Business Insurance is for you. Whether you just drive to and from work, or you’re out buying supplies, doing house-calls, and making deliveries, we’ll cover your car for business use.

  • Guesthouse and Bed & Breakfast Business Insurance. Anyone who owns a bed & breakfast or guesthouse knows what hard work it is. No matter how much you prepare, your guests always need something you haven’t thought of! When you’re out doing supply runs, make sure your car is covered for business use with our Guesthouse and Bed & Breakfast Business Insurance.

More than just affordable car cover


Tailored Budgets


We tailor for all kinds of budgets with seven types of Car Cover. Check out our top-of-the-line Comprehensive Cover and BetterCar Value, mid-range Third-Party, Fire and Theft, our basic Third-Party Only, and Budget Lite options for small budgets.


Add more than one car to your policy


The more you insure with us, the more you save. Add more than one car to your policy and get up to 15% off your premium. Add Home Contents Insurance and get 15% off and add Buildings Insurance for another 10% off.




We have a range of add-ons you can include with any Budget Car Cover policy. These include Scratch & Dent, Tyre & Rim Guard, Auto Top-Up, and Motor Warranty – all to keep your car in the best possible shape.

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