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How to manage your Budget Insurance policy online


Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2016

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Life is constantly changing – you get married, you move, your kids turn 18, you buy that fancy flat screen you’ve always wanted and so on. All these changes are things you need to inform your insurer of, but why should you wait for their office hours to update your policy? Not when you’re covered by Budget Insurance! We are constantly looking for ways in which to add value to your policy, which is why we’ve created an online policy management system, giving you access to your policy whenever you need it.

Read on to find out how the system works and what changes you can make to your policy.


Getting started

Click on the “your policy” tab in the menu bar or on “login” above our call centre number to be taken to the login page. Here you can either log in or register, if you have not done so already.  Once you’ve logged in successfully, you’ll see your online policy management system where you’ll be able to update and amend your Budget Insurance policy.


Your account and payment details

You can now view and amend all your personal and payment details to ensure that they are always correct. Click on the “edit your account details” button to see all your policy details, change your password, submit a query, or change your contact details. If you click on the “edit your payment details” button, you’ll be able to manage your account, add our Cash Back Bonus to your account, and keep track of how it’s growing every month.


 All your insured items

You can also edit and view your insured items by clicking on the “edit your insured items” tab. Here you’ll be able to add or remove items as needs be as well as submit claims or change the regular drivers – everything to ensure that your items are covered correctly.   


Your claims

You can also submit, view and track your claims (all on one page), just click on the “view your claims” button or the “submit a claim” tab.


Your notifications

Staying informed has also never been this simple, all you need to do is click on the “view all notifications” button, and you will see all your outstanding information. And that’s not all, you can quickly upload the documents at your earliest convenience with a click of a button.


Your documents

To download your documents, be it a tax or a no claims letter, all you need to do is click on the download link next to your preferred document. If, however, you need to request a document, you only need to click either on the “view all documents” button or on the “get a document” tab. Once you’re on the documents page, you can request the desired document and we’ll email it to you.

But don’t worry if you get a little lost while you’re logged in, we’ve created a quick and simple tutorial to help you along. So now, you’re ready to login or register and start managing your policy.