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How to grow your fitment centre

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Posted on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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The way to increase profits for fitment centres is to increase your loyal customer base, preferably by referrals. Here are our top 3 tried and tested methods that will save your fitment centre money, while boosting your profits:


  1. Utilise clever scheduling

Create schedules that allow enough time for installations to be performed properly, but also keep your technicians busy throughout working hours. This might sound easy, but it can be tricky to find the right balance.


To create appropriate schedules, track work done previously and gauge the amount of time and number of jobs you and your team can perform well in a day and schedule accordingly.


If you book too many jobs in too short a space of time, standards will drop and customers won’t return. Set daily goals for your employees and schedule each technician’s day around those goals.


  1. Focus on customer service and referrals

You can increase profit margin and reduce marketing costs by focusing on customer service and referrals.


Competition in the fitment industry will continue to grow so it’s important to ensure your customers are treated fairly and efficiently to ensure they return. Great customer service results in happy, loyal customers which helps your budget when it comes to marketing. Loyal customers tend to become brand advocates and love to spread positive word of mouth to friends and family. To your business, this means lesser marketing and more budgeting.


Make it known to your customers that you greatly appreciate referrals. Create loyalty with a referral programme that rewards customers for sending you new business. Adding these extras onto your service helps to boost volumes while rewarding your existing customers for their efforts in helping your business.


  1. Investigate partnerships

Most motorists require the use of a fitment centre at some point and will be looking for a reliable mechanic to take their business to.


Identify businesses in the area that deal with customers similar to yours – for example, auto repair centres, car washes, towing companies, glass repair shops, etc. Offer them a proposal of a certain percentage commission or a finder’s fee for every customer they send your way. Alternatively, you can come to a mutually beneficial agreement to send business each other’s way with no cost to either of you.


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