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South Africa’s very own Budget Insurance

Car insurance in South Africa can seem like a complex and daunting topic for many. There are so many insurers to choose from, each with similar but slightly different car insurance products. How are you supposed to know which plan is right for you and which insurer will live up to their promises? We’re here to tell you it’s all quite simple when you ask the right people about it (that’s us!). First, let’s take a look at what car insurance actually is.


Why SA needs car insurance?


Every day, every time you drive, you face numerous risks. These range from driving over a nail and getting a flat tyre, to being in a serious collision. Whether the damage to your vehicle is mild or severe, someone has to pay to fix it. Because most people can’t afford the cost of thousands to repair more serious damage, they take out car cover. Insurers in South Africa will pay for the damage to your car if something happens to it – or even replace it if it’s stolen – in exchange for a monthly fee, called a premium.


Having insurance is like taking a bet that one day in the future, you will need to repair or replace your car. In South Africa particularly, this makes sense because there are approximately 1 million road accidents reported annually. That makes having insurance a good bet.


If you want to learn more about car cover, keep reading. We look at what the best car cover in South Africa is, who offers the cheapest insurance and whether you can get car cover if you don’t actually own a car. Plus, we go through the risks that the average car insurance is likely to cover and examine why having car cover in our country is a must.

South Africa offers so much more

Comprehensive cover


If a car in South Africa is lost, stolen, damaged in an accident, or by a natural event, our comprehensive insurance cover will cover it. If you damage someone else’s vehicle, we will cover that too.

Car insurance types


At Budget Insurance South Africa, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to car cover. Learn all about our Car cover types and find out which is right for you.

Compare car insurance


We share all the tricks in the book to find the best deal on your cover when you compare car insurance quotes.

Spectacular insurance products for South Africans

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SA’s best car insurance cover?

This is very much a personal choice. At Budget Insurance, we like to think we offer some of the best car insurance options in South Africa. We certainly offer one of the widest ranges of products. We have seven different cover options for all and every type of budget. Our highest level of cover starts with Comprehensive Car Insurance. The next step down is Third-Party, Fire & Theft insurance. After that, we have three Budget Lite options. Finally, we have Third-Party Only Cover, our most basic insurance plan, ideal if your budget is small and your car is older.


What’s the cheaper cover I can get for my car?

There is no single cheapest car insurance in SA. Your insurance quote depends on numerous factors that are out of our control, such as your age, gender, where you work, where you live, how you park your car, your credit record, your driving behaviour, and your claims history. Having said that, we are proud to offer one of SA’s lowest insurance quotes.* Try out our car insurance calculator today to get your quote and see how much you can save when you switch to Budget Insurance.

What is covered in South Africa by companies

What your car insurance covers depends on the plan and insurer you choose. Every insurance company has its own products, each a little different and unique from the others. The most common things covered by car cover are theft and hijacking, accident damage, and third-party damage. However, not every plan offers cover for all of these risks.


Some insurers in SA, including us, allow you to add extra items to your policy to boost your cover. This can include car hire, hail damage and sound system cover, scratch & dent and tyre & rim policies, motor warranties, and more.


Can I get vehicle cover in South Africa if I drive another persons car

If you don’t own a car, you usually can’t get auto insurance in South Africa – even if you regularly drive somebody else’s car. This is because car insurers cover the vehicle and not the person. If you drive someone else’s vehicle, let’s say your parents’ or boss’s car, the owner of the car will need to take out cover themselves and add you as the regular driver on the policy. With Budget Insurance, this is easy enough to do. Simply log in to your online profile and you can update your policy yourself.

Do I need car cover in South Africa?

In South Africa, no one really knows exactly how many cars are not insured, but estimates put it at around 70%. That means for every 10 cars you see on the road, only three of them have cover! If someone crashes into your car and neither of you have car insurance, you’ll have to pay for all repairs from your own pocket. Couple this with the country’s high accident rate and it’s only a matter of time before you’re involved in a collision.


If you don’t have car insurance and cause an accident with someone else, that person can hold you legally liable to cover the costs of the repairs. Now imagine crashing into a Maserati and paying to fix it.


You need car insurance in South Africa ‘cos you can’t afford not to!


Affordable Car Insurance


Assist Benefits


We offer a variety of car cover benefits, including Road Assist, Home Assist, Trauma Assist, Medical Assist, Legal Assist, and Entertainment Assist – available 24/7.


Cash Back Bonus


Why wait four years for a cash-back bonus when you can wait for just two? Get 15% of your premiums back after just two claim-free years.

Discount on your Policy


Got more than one car? Add them all to one policy and get a discount! Add your home contents and building for even more savings.

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