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Give the right insurance details

Its all Insurance

Posted on Monday, June 30, 2014

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It’s crucial for you to make sure that all the details you give for your short-term insurance policies are correct. It may seem like an onerous process to provide all the little details required when you take out an insurance policy. But there are some very good reasons why it’s always in your best interest to make sure that your insurance details are correct – and that you’re completely honest about them!


Claims will be simplified

If you have provided accurate details when you took out your insurance policy, it will be much easier to claim. You won’t have to dig up all the details in order to get paid out. This is especially true when it comes to smaller specified items like watches or laptops. Specifying from the start what make and model you are insuring, and providing serial numbers, will mean that when it comes to claiming, your insurance company will have a record of what you owned and lost – and it will be easy to match this with your claim.

You’ll minimise the risk of rejected claims

One of the main reasons for claims being rejected is that the physical circumstances conflict with the details that insurance policy holders have provided. While it may be tempting to generalise when providing details on your insurance application, this will almost always backfire should you need to claim.

For example, if you’re insuring a car and you specify that it’s kept overnight in a locked garage behind an automatic security gate, when the reality is that you keep it in an open driveway that has a gate with a manual latch, there’s a good chance that your claim will be rejected if your car is stolen and an insurance assessor comes to inspect your premises.

Keep your details up to date

For the same reason, it’s essential that you keep your policy details up to date. If your material circumstances change so that they no longer match the details you originally supplied for your insurance policy, you run the risk of having claims rejected.