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20 ways to save money on groceries
It’s all too easy to walk into the supermarket to buy bread, only to find yourself leaving with everything from stuffed olives to that new chocolate bar. Spending less at the store is one of the best ways to save money.
Your 4-step plan for paying off debt
You can ignore your bank’s messages, delete the e-bills or leave the warning letters unopened on your desk, but that isn’t going to get rid of your debt. You can’t wish it away, but you can get out of debt with a lot of determination and this simple 4-step debt repayment plan.
3 free budget templates to help you save money
If you're serious about being financially secure, it might be time to start budgeting. Creating a basic budget spreadsheet where you map out how much you plan to spend is one of the best ways to save moneyLink to personal budget tips.

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