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Budget Cash Back Bonus Toolkit

What is the Budget Cash Back Bonus?

  • This is a unique offering, which you can add to your Budget policy that will financially reward you for your good claims record.
  • You'll start getting cash back after only 2 consecutive claim-free years.

How does the Cash Back Bonus work?

  • After 2 consecutive claim-free years, you'll receive 15% of the 2 years' premiums back in cash.
  • If you remain claim-free the next 2 years, you'll receive 10% back of those 2 years' premium.
  • You'll receive 10% of your premiums back of every consecutive claim-free year thereafter.
  • If you do submit a claim, your Cash Back Bonus will reset.

Claims that will not affect your Cash Back Bonus


  • Vehicle, if fitted with an approved tracking system
  • Money from client's home
  • Documents, coins or stamps

Stolen or damaged:

  • Garden furniture
  • Property of guests
  • Belongings of guests & domestic workers
  • Belongings on a moving truck

Expenses due to:

  • Veterinary emergencies
  • medical emergencies
  • Fraudulent use of bank cards
  • Hole-in-one/Bowling full-house celebration round

Repairs to chipped windscreen

Fire-brigade charges, after a fire at the Insured home (Home Contents & Buildings Policies)

Rent to live elsewhere (Home Contents & Buildings Policies)

The Cash Back Bonus will only be active, if:

  • Your insurance policy remains active and all premiums are paid.
  • Your cover stays uninterrupted for the designated period before you're paid out.
  • You don't submit any claims that will affect your Cash Back Bonus (claims other than the list above) during this period.

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