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Legal Assist


Legal speak can be confusing and incredibly intimidating if you don’t know what’s going on. Besides that, having a run-in with the law can also be a financially crippling experience. For legal peace of mind, Budget’s Legal Assist benefit gives you access to comprehensive legal assistance 24/7. Get a Budget insurance quote and find out more about the Assist Benefits included on selected policies.


Legal Assist

What are Assist Benefits?


Assist Benefits are an added benefit that you get when you take out a qualifying Budget policy. These include Legal Assist, Home Assist, Trauma Assist, Medical Assist and Entertainment Assist. They are there to help you out in everything from unexpected medical, house and legal emergencies to general life admin. Think of them as your personal life assistance buddy – just a phone call away! 


How do you get Legal Assist?


When you take out Budget Third-Party, Fire and Theft, Comprehensive Vehicle, Motorcycle, 4x4, Building, or Home Contents Insurance we’ll automatically include Budget’s Assist Benefits (which includes Legal Assist). All Legal Assist benefits can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year by simply dialing 0860 10 42 10 from any cellular phone or landline. Make sure to keep the number handy for when a legal emergency strikes!


What Legal Assist includes


Legal Assist from Budget insurance gives you access to qualified attorneys who will guide you through legal processes as well as provide telephonic legal and tax advice services. Whether you’re drowning in debt, getting married, signing employment contracts, going to court, being sued or getting arrested – Legal Assist is there when you need it most.

The Legal Assist benefit includes assistance with the following:

  • Legal documentation – This includes assistance with any form of legal documentation, such as house sales, lease agreements, power of attorney, etc. These are important documents to get correct – the first time round!

  • Agreements, wills and contracts – Make sure that your agreements, wills and contracts are all in order and valid. Don’t leave it until it’s too late.

  • Courtroom preparation – Should you have to appear in court, either as a defendant or witness, we can assist with making sure you’re ready and know what to expect.

  • Contractual law – Assistance with understanding and creating contracts so that you know exactly what you are getting into. A contract is a legally binding agreement that recognises and governs the rights and duties of the parties to the agreement. 

  • Legal representation referral – We will refer reliable legal representatives should you need legal representation.

Legal Assist is there to educate, inform and assist you on all matters of the law. Legal problems don’t wait for anyone, and the great thing about Legal Assist is that you have legal advice on speed-dial. We’ve got your back – no matter what time of day!


Why you need Legal Assist


When it comes to the law, things can get expensive, and a legal dispute could ruin you financially. Having access to expert legal advice will ensure that you stay one step ahead of the rest when it comes to legal matters.

Having access to legal assistance is so much more than having someone to call on when you find yourself in a tricky situation. It can also be used to get expert advice to protect you in future situations. Legal assistance can assist you in legal negotiations including marriage mediation, family mediation, debt advice, contractual matters, criminal matters and labour matters.

Getting someone to run through your employment contract or your new lease agreement before signing can potentially save you a huge headache down the road. We often just sign contracts without giving it much thought. However, a legal professional will know what red flags to look out for and give you advice on whether to sign or not. Ultimately, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Legal knowledge is power, so make sure you’re powered up in all your future contracts and agreements. Just like insurance, you can’t afford not to have access to quality legal advice and assistance.


 Insurance Quotes


Ready to reap the benefits of Legal Assist and the other Budget Assist Benefits? It all starts with getting an affordable Budget Insurance quote. Get in touch on 0861 00 13 53 or leave your details and we’ll call you back at no expense to you!


If you’re in a pickle and need assistance, call 0860 10 42 11.