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Camera Insurance

Whether you’re an avid photographer or just a happy snapper, cameras are among our most precious possessions. From capturing happy moments with our loved ones to holiday memories and hobby photography – the last thing you want is to lose or damage your camera. Which is why it’s so important to take out a Camera Insurance policy with Budget Insurance.


Camera Insurance



What is a camera?


By camera we mean any camera, video camera, photographic equipment or device that you, or any current member of your household, use to take photos or videos, and that you carry around with you.

Whatever the model, make or age of your camera – we can assist you with taking out a Camera Insurance policy.


Why insure your camera?


They go with you on holiday and they join your family picnics, weddings, birthday parties and other celebrations. You reach for your camera in the happy moments, the moments that you want to remember. Or perhaps photography has become your hobby, and your camera is your most prized possession. Either way, cameras are a great device to have and need to be looked after.

Unfortunately, due to their portable nature, cameras are easily stolen and lost. And because you tend to take them on many adventures, they’re also more likely to get damaged.

Budget’s Camera Insurance will ensure that if your camera is lost, damaged or stolen, it will be replaced with the same or similar model you had before claiming. While we can’t help you get lost photographs back, we can at least make sure that you aren’t left without your camera for too long!

And let’s be real – cameras are expensive! Between the various lenses and other add-on equipment – who can afford to replace the entire contents of their camera bag?


Portable Possessions Insurance


Camera Insurance falls under Portable Possessions Insurance. This product comes standard when you take out a Home Contents Insurance policy with Budget. It includes all items that you normally carry with you (i.e. taking them out of the house) that can be lost, stolen or damaged. However, you need to have a Budget Car, Motorcycle or Home Contents Insurance policy to qualify for Portable Possessions Insurance.

You’ll need to list your camera and camera equipment as specified items and make sure they’re insured for their full replacement value. Other portable possessions that are included under your Portable Possessions policy include cell phones, jewellery, watches and laptops.

It’s also a good idea to keep the proof of payment for your camera and all of the related accessories, as well as note any model and serial numbers. This is to make sure you’ll get the same model if something happens to yours and we need to replace it.


What Camera Insurance covers


Our Camera Insurance protects you in a range of different circumstances. These include:

  • Accidental damage: This includes you accidentally dropping your camera or it getting damaged in transit.

  • Accidental loss: This includes accidentally losing your camera, like leaving it behind in your hotel on holiday. Just make sure that you can clearly explain what happened!

  • Theft: This includes theft of your camera – though only if you can prove that you weren’t irresponsible. For example, we won’t cover you if you can gave your camera to a stranger to take photographs of you and they ran off with it! 


What Camera Insurance doesn’t cover


While our Camera Insurance quotes are comprehensive, they don’t cover your cell phone if you use it solely for business, trade or professional purposes; you need to use it for personal or domestic reasons too. Professional photographers will need to take out a separate Camera Insurance policy. 

We will also not cover more than the stated amount if your camera was stolen from the cabin or boot of a vehicle; it will only be covered if there is visible damage caused in a break-in.

Remember, your camera isn’t covered unless it’s been specified under your Portable Possessions policy. Make sure to always update your policy when you get a new camera or camera equipment, like if you buy more lenses.


Camera Insurance quotes


Make sure your camera is protected against lost, damage and theft with comprehensive Camera Insurance from Budget. Give us a call on 0861 00 13 53 to get a Camera Insurance quote. Or, just leave your details and we’ll call you back.

Terms and Conditions apply. Click here for more information.