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Hail Assist


Hailstorms can come out of nowhere, often not leaving you with enough time to get your car under cover. And unfortunately, they can cause some serious damage to your car’s windscreen, roof and bonnet. Which is why, at Budget, we’re offering you Hail Cover.

So, the next time you’re stuck on the highway in what feels like an apocalyptic storm, you can relax knowing that we’ll cover any chips or dents caused by the hail on your car. Get a Hail Cover quote from Budget and be ready to face the elements!


Hail Assist


Budget Insurance is proud to announce that we offer Hail Cover for your vehicle. We will cover hail damage as standard – meaning that we will pay for any damage done to your vehicle because of hail, no matter the size of the pellets. We know that a hailstorm can be harmful at a smaller size than you might expect – which is why we’ve included hail cover in a variety of our insurance plans for your convenience. 


What is hail?


Hail are pellets of frozen rain, which often happen during a heavy storm. They often fall in showers, just like rain. Unlike rain, though, hail pellets can range in size – they can be the size of a 50c coin or larger than a golf ball. This means that large pieces of solid rain can shower down on you and your car when you least expect it. This can cause a lot of damage to the exterior of your car, and can cause unsafe conditions to travel in. You don’t need hail to be the size of a golf ball before it can seriously damage your car.


Why do you need Hail Cover?


We know that the weather is hard to predict and constantly changes throughout the day. By insuring your car with hail cover, you’ll be adding a layer of protection against the forces of nature. It’s important that your vehicle is protected in the event of a heavy rain period, so hail cover is essential to help you get through every season. In South Africa, hail usually occurs in Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West and the Northern Cape – so if you live in one of these regions, you should seriously consider covering your car against hail damage. 


Tips for preventing hail damage to your vehicle


Although the weather is unpredictable, there are some steps you can take to minimise the damage done to your car. Here are our top tips for preventing hail damage to your car:

  1. Always check the weather forecast before planning your trip, as this may be a good way to check if a storm is on its way. You can use a mobile app or website to check this quickly for your area.

  2. If you’re caught in a hailstorm, look for a shelter or place to park your car. This might be a petrol station, covered car park or under a bridge. Do not park near a tree, as they can blow over and drop heavy branches on your car. The goal is to make sure that you have parked in a safe location where your car’s windscreen and windows are protected.

  3. Don’t speed up to try to beat the storm. You could end up causing an accident as it will be harder to see other cars on the road during a storm. It’s better to wait for the storm to pass.

  4. Stop driving your vehicle as soon as you can. Hail can fall at incredibly fast speeds, which means that your vehicle can be hit even harder if you keep moving. Try to keep your speed slow, at around 50km/h, to avoid a strong impact from the hail. 

  5. If you have one, use a hail blanket to cover your vehicle and minimise the impact of the hail pellets on the outside of your car. 

  6. If you don’t have a hail blanket, try to move your car so that the hail hits the front and not the back of your car. Your car’s windscreen has been reinforced to handle heavy pressure and provide personal protection.

  7. Turn on your car’s lights to increase visibility on the road – this way, you can see other cars better, and they’ll also be able to see your car, which could prevent an accident.

  8. Wait for the storm to pass before you continue driving. If you find that you cannot drive your car, contact your insurer to arrange a tow-in service to help you get off the road safely.

  9. If you have any blankets in your car, you could use them to cover your car while you wait for the storm to pass. Make sure that they cover the side glass on your car, as these are the quickest to break. You can also put your floor mats over your windshield once you’ve stopped driving.

  10. You might consider renting a garage if you don’t have one – we all know that cars are very important, so it might be easier to keep your car stored away during periods of bad weather.

  11. If you don’t have a garage, you might also want to look at renting or buying a carport or canopy that can be added to your property without being too expensive. These can act as a shelter for your car if you can’t find a covered parking spot.

  12. You should try and park your car near a large building if you’re at work. You can park your car in the opposite direction from the hailstorm for protection during times of severe weather. You should be watching out for changes in the weather, as you may need to move your car if the direction of the hail changes. 

  13. If your car has been damaged by hail, call your insurer and report the damage. You will be able to discuss the repair process with your insurance company. Your insurance policy will state your cover terms. Make sure you follow all the instructions provided to you by your insurance company.


Plans that include Hail Cover


We understand that one can’t afford to take chances on the weather. That’s why our Hail Cover is available in a range of our different plans, including: 

  • Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance 

  • Comprehensive Off-road Vehicle Insurance 

  • Budget Lite Option 2

  • Budget Lite Option 3

Please contact us for more information and assistance in choosing the best Vehicle Insurance option for you.


What our Hail Cover doesn’t include


While our Hail Cover quotes are comprehensive, they don’t cover your car from dents that have been caused through accidents or wear and tear. Hail Cover is protection for a specific kind of damage and will only cover damage to your car that has been caused by hail. Please keep this in mind before you make any claims!


How can I submit a claim for hail damage?


You can send an email to [email protected] or make an insurance claim online. Or you can call our Services and Claims hotline on 0861 60 01 20. If you’re caught in a hailstorm and your car cannot be driven, please call our Emergency Assistance line on 0860 10 42 11.


If you’re in a pickle and need assistance, call 0860 10 42 11.