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BetterCar Value Insurance

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Cash Back


Simply add the Cash Back Bonus to your Budget Insurance policy and if you remain claim free for two years, we’ll reward you by giving you money back.


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BetterCar Value Benefits


Same Car Model


Get the same car but one year newer with fewer kms on the clock if your car is written off.


Assist Benefits


Use our Road, Home, Medical, Trauma, Legal, and Entertainment Assist whenever you need help to get out of a sticky situation.


Budget Insurance Towline


The cost of towing and storing your car after an accident is on us – just call the Budget Insurance towline

What Is BetterCar Value Insurance?


With BetterCar Value Insurance, you enjoy all the same excellent cover and benefits you would with our Comprehensive Car Insurance. This includes cover against theft, hijacking, loss, accidental damage, and third-party damages. However, you also get one additional benefit – insurance for the BetterCar value of your car.


Traditionally, you would insure your car for its retail, market, or trade value. Which you choose affects your payout amount, with the retail value being the highest and trade being the lowest. 


At Budget, you have a fourth option. You can insure your car for its BetterCar value. This is a minimum of 15% more than the retail value. That means, if your car is written off, you can get the same model car but one year newer – and with less mileage.



What are the BetterCar Value Insurance benefits?


You get to use our range of Assist Benefits any time you’re in a dodgy situation on the road or need some help at home. 

  • Road Assist: We’re there to help if you lock your keys in your car, run out of fuel, or get a flat tyre.

  • Home Assist: Our database of professional electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, and more will help you out with home emergencies.

  • Medical Assist: Get access to trained medical professionals if you have a medical emergency.

  • Trauma Assist: If you ever face a traumatic situation, you can get the counselling you need with our Trauma Assist benefit.

  • Legal Assist: We offer you access to telephonic legal help and assistance with your tax matters.

  • Entertainment Assist: Get all the deets on everything that’s happening in your area and book events with our Entertainment Assist.

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Absolutely amazing service! Thank you to Eugene who helped the morning of the accident. Our claim was handled in record time, and you phoned exactly when you said you would. Thank you Budget. All your people are gems.


Annelize Faca

Just in case you're not convinced


What’s the difference between retail, market, trade, and BetterCar value?

When you insure your car, you can do so for either the retail, market, trade, or BetterCar value. This relates to how much you could theoretically buy or sell it for at the current time. 

The retail value is what you would pay at a dealership if you were to buy your car today. Traditionally, it’s closest to the replacement value of the vehicle.

The market value is what you would get for your car if you sold it privately. It takes the mileage, age, condition, and service history of the vehicle into account.

The trade value is the lowest you can insure your car for. This is what you’d get if you traded it in at a dealership for a newer car.

The BetterCar value is anywhere between 15% and 40% more than the retail value. This is the true replacement value of your car if it is written off in an accident. You would be able to replace your car with the same model but a year newer and with lower mileage.

Why should I insure my car for the BetterCar value?

There are many reasons why you’d want to insure your car for its BetterCar value. For starters, if your car is written off, you can get an upgrade on it. And that always feels good! By doing this, you’re also fending off the natural depreciation that comes with owning the same car for many years. 

You can also avoid owing money on it if you’re still paying it off. That’s because, if you insure your car for a lower value, like trade, you might not be paid out enough to cover the balance of what you owe the bank. You’re then stuck without a car that you’re still paying off. This is unlikely to happen when you have BetterCar Insurance.


What isn’t covered under BetterCar Value Insurance?

You know you’re covered for theft, hijacking, loss, accidental damage, and third-party damage with BetterCar Value Insurance. But what aren’t you insured for? 

Not much, other than the usual illegal activities. 

Don’t drive drunk or under the influence of drugs. Don’t leave the car in an unroadworthy condition – make sure those tyres have tread on them! Don’t leave the scene of an accident without getting all the information you need. Don’t leave your keys in your car or your car unlocked – if you do, we won’t pay out if it’s stolen. Don’t go street racing with it, no matter how much you’ve spent on that turbo. And don’t use it to make money driving people around – you need a special kind of car insurance for this.

Also, while we cover accident write-offs and theft when the vehicle is stolen, we don’t cover accidents that happen while the vehicle is in possession of a thief.




Who is BetterCar Insurance suited to?

BetterCar is right for drivers who own newer vehicles. In fact, it’s only available for cars that are eight years old or less.

It’s also ideal if you still owe money to the bank for your car. Because you’ll be paid out more than what your car is actually worth, you won’t need to worry about a shortfall on your finance agreement if you lose the car.

Also, if having a newer car is important to you, whether you want something modern and reliable or just want to look flashy, BetterCar is your best option. You can have an up-to-date car even if it’s written off  without having to worry about paying for a new one from your own pocket.



Will you pay me out in cash or buy another vehicle on my behalf?

If you have BetterCar Insurance and your vehicle is written off , we will pay you out in cash. This means that you can actually get whatever car you like – you’re not obliged to get the exact same model but one year newer. This is just the amount we’ll pay you out for. But if you want to get an even nicer car and pay it off on finance, that’s up to you.

Other Car Insurance Products




Get every kind of cover you’d need when you’re driving on our roads – theft, loss, accidental damage, and third-party damage.


Third-Party, Fire, and Theft


Not quite as inclusive as Comprehensive Cover, Third-Party, Fire & Theft still covers you for most scenarios, just not accidental damage to your car.


Third-Party Only


Our most basic plan, Third-Party Only protects your legal and financial interests if you cause an accident and damage someone’s property.


Budget Lite 


Lekker and light, Budget Lite is for small budgets that need more than just Third-Party Only Car Insurance. Check out our three affordable plans.


Scratch & Dent


Repairing light scratches, dents, and chips can get expensive, but not when you have Scratch & Dent Cover with Budget.


Tyre & Rim Guard


With all the road hazards that can damage or ruin your car’s tyres and rims, it just makes sense to take out Tyre & Rim Guard.


Auto Top-Up


In addition to having BetterCar Insurance, you can also avoid a financial shortfall on your car finance when you have our Auto Top-Up product.


Motor Warranty


You obviously love your car. Keep it in good running condition with a Budget Motor Warranty. This helps you pay for any electrical or mechanical faults that might arise.