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Home Building Insurance

Affordable Building Insurance

Assist Benefits


Take out our Building Insurance and you can use our Home, Medical, Entertainment, Trauma, and Legal Assist Benefits wherever, whenever.

We Cover Just About Everything


We cover just about everything, including the kitchen sink! We insure your built-in appliances, burglar bars, swimming pool, built-in cupboards, taps, door handles, blinds, and more.

Water heating systems


Add your geysers and other water-heating systems to your policy and we’ll cover the systems as well as the pipes attached to them.

What is Home Buildings Insurance?


Any building you own is bound to be one of the most valuable assets you have, so it’s worth protecting it with affordable buildings cover. At Budget, when we talk about our Building Insurance, we’re usually referring to home buildings cover. But did you know we also cover business buildings?


If you thought the two were one and the same, think again. We tailor make our home buildings cover and commercial building insurance packages to suit individuals and enterprises. For example, the liability cover we offer with each is different because the risks you face as a homeowner and business owner are different. At home, your guests may hold you liable for an injury, while at an office, clients and staff are the ones who present a high risk.


The separation between home and business isn’t always so clear-cut. Do you know what kind of cover you need if you have a home office? With the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more employees and businesses have been forced to work from home. Many more are choosing to operate remotely to bring running costs down. Luckily, at Budget, we’ve got an insurance solution for these situations. Read on to find out how to go about making sure you have the right buildings cover.


Perhaps you’ve been thinking about getting cover for both your home and work properties. But what can you expect in terms of costs – which one is going to cost you more to insure? And if you do cover both, can you insure your home and business properties under one policy?


Finally, what happens if you only keep some basic business equipment at home, like a printer? What kind of policy covers this?


Read on to find out all you’ve ever wanted to know about the differences between these two types of buildings cover.

More than just home contents insurance

Building insurance calculator


A lot goes into calculating your building insurance quote. If you’ve ever wondered how we work out your premium, you can learn more here.

Homeowners insurance


It might seem far-fetched that you could be held legally responsible if a guest is injured at your home, but it happens. 

House insurance


There are so many reasons to protect your most valuable asset with house insurance. Take a look at some of them here.

Find out More about 
Home Contents Insurance

Property Insurance Benefits



Temporary Home



If you need to temporarily move out because of an at-home accident, we’ll cover a portion of your rent to stay elsewhere.



TV Aerials or Satellite Dishes



If your TV aerials or satellite dishes are destroyed, we’ll pay to replace or repair them so you can get back to watching your favourite series in no time.



Home Contents Insurance


We don’t just cover your belongings with our Home Contents Insurance; we insure your guests’ possessions in your home too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between home and business buildings cover?

There are a few crucial differences between business and home buildings cover, but the main one is the liability insurance you get with each.

For your home property, you need homeowners liability insurance. This covers you if a guest or their property is injured or damaged at your home. This ranges from minor injuries to death. It also covers you if, say, a tree on your property falls into your neighbour’s yard and onto their car.

For businessowners, you’re likely to face many more risks than a homeowner would, especially if you run a retail store where numerous customers and staff come and go all the time. Your public liability insurance should cover a much wider range of risks and will usually be for a higher insured amount.

What insurance do I need if I have a home office?

It can get tricky knowing which portion of your home gets covered under home building insurance and which is covered under business insurance.

When you insure a business building, you would usually take out a comprehensive business policy that covers a range of risks, one of which would include your business premises. So your house will still be insured with a home building policy, but you’ll also have business insurance which takes care of the office or study portion of your house.

The important thing to remember is that you let your insurance company know you have a home office. If you don’t, you might not be covered if anything happens to your property or the business assets you keep inside it.

Can I insure my business and home buildings under the same policy?

Technically, if you insure your home and business buildings with Budget, you’ll have two separate policies, because our personal and business insurance each have their own specialised divisions. You’ll also probably pay for them from separate accounts – your personal and business banks. Having said that, trusting us with your home and business assets means you can enjoy a relationship with one insurance company for all of your insurance needs. Sticking with us means you get affordable cover and access to helpful and friendly consultants whenever you have a query.

Which is more expensive: business or home building insurance?

It’s not always possible to say which is going to cost more, because it depends on the value of the building you’re insuring. Having said that, you would rarely insure only your business building; you’re likely to also cover the equipment, accessories, and apparatus that are in it. So, you might find your home building insurance is a little cheaper than the business cover.

Is my business equipment covered if I occasionally work from home?

We get asked this question a lot, but to answer it, we need to first look at the difference between buildings and home contents insurance.

Buildings insurance is for the permanent structures, fixtures, and fittings on your property. This includes the house, cottages, garages, fences, and walls.

Home contents insurance covers the loose valuables that you keep inside those permanent structures. So if you’re wondering if your printer, laptop, and other work devices are covered for work use if you use them at home occasionally, they are – but only under home contents, not buildings insurance.

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