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Home Insurance Quotes Calculator



Affordable Premium


Choose from Comprehensive and Fire & Storm Only. Get only the cover you need at an affordable premium your budget will love.



Vet Bills


It’s traumatic if your pet is injured in a road accident. To help ease the burden, we’ll cover a portion of the vet bills.



Assist Benefits


Stuck at the side of the road? Got a home emergency? Use our 24/7 Assist Benefits to get help fast. Included with our Comprehensive Home Contents Insurance.

Calculating your house insurance costs can be confusing. Unless you’ve had home insurance before, you might have no idea what you should actually be paying or even how many insurance policies you need.


When you use a home insurance quotes calculator, you’re looking for two different kinds of cover – home contents and buildings insurance.


  • Home contents insurance: This is cover for the loose items in your home. From the very valuable, like your collection of mint condition action figurines, to the general, like your everyday wardrobe.

  • Buildings insurance: This covers the permanent structures, fittings, and fixtures on your property – the house, garages, walls, swimming pool, and outbuildings.


How do our home insurance quotes calculators work?


Whether you need to calculate your house insurance or household contents cover, one of the main factors we consider is your level of risk. 


There are many things that affect your risk, such as your address. The higher the crime rate in your area, the riskier it is to ensure your house and its contents. 


When using our house insurance cost calculator, it’s best to work on how much it would cost to entirely rebuild your home. Basically, the worst-case scenario. This way, you won’t be under-insured, which can lead to being paid out less than your claim amount. Remember to factor in even the little costs, like taps and blinds, as well as major expenses, such as demolition and construction. 


With Budget Insurance household insurance calculator, you need to consider the replacement cost for your valuables (not what you bought them for) in order to get an accurate quote. Again, if you under-insured, you’ll be paid out only a portion of your claim. However, it’s important not to over-insure your home contents either. If you do, you won’t get an additional payout when you claim and you’ll pay higher premiums than you need to. 


In order to make the most of our home insurance quotes calculator, before you start, know what your home and its contents are worth and what you want to insure them for. This way, the quote we give you will be as accurate as possible.



More than just home contents insurance

Household insurance


You work hard for your valuables. Keep them covered for a wide range of risks with our affordable Household Insurance.

Homeowners insurance


An important part of homeowners insurance is homeowners liability. Find out when you might need this kind of cover and how it could save you financially.

Home insurance companies


Do you know what kinds of insurance and benefits home insurance companies should offer? Find out here so you can choose the best home insurer.

Find out More about 
Home Contents Insurance

Property Insurance Benefits



Affordable Property Insurance


Protect your home and everything in it with one monthly premium and take advantage of our affordable property insurance.



Cover Discounts


Combine our property insurance with Car Cover and you’ll get discounts on all three insured items. Save up to 15% on Car, 15% on Home Contents, and 10% on Buildings Cover.



Temporary Home


If you ever need to temporarily move out due to an event that we cover, we’ll pay for a portion of your rent to stay elsewhere while it gets fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I insure my house and home contents under one policy?

At Budget, it makes sense to insure your home and household contents under one policy. We’re in the business of making insurance affordable, so the more you cover with us, the more you can benefit from our budget-friendly insurance. Plus, if you add your car to the mix too, you can get discounts on your insured items for bundling everything together under one policy.

Do I have to insure my house and home contents under the same policy?

Even though we think it’s a good idea to insure your house and home contents on one policy, it’s not compulsory. For example, if you rent your home, there’s no need for you to have buildings cover at all – that’s for the homeowner to handle. Or if you own property in a sectional title complex, the body corporate usually covers the building insurance through the levies, so you don’t need this cover. So it’s no problem to take out Home Contents Insurance only with us.

Will my swimming pool be covered under a home insurance policy?

When we talk about home insurance, we’re referring to cover for your building and home contents. Because we cover swimming pools under our Building Insurance, your swimming pool will be insured. But remember that the swimming pool pump isn’t covered – that goes under Portable Possessions. We know, it all sounds so confusing! But we’re insurance experts and we know what we’re doing. Covering your pool equipment under a Portable Possessions policy is the best place for it.

How much is home insurance monthly?

There is no hard and fast rule on how much home insurance costs monthly. When you use our home insurance quotes calculator, we take a number of factors into account, all of them unique to you. The area you stay in, the value of your contents, the replacement cost of your home, your home security – all of these have an effect on your premium. Even your neighbour may have a completely different premium to you due to a number of other personal factors.

Will my guests’ belongings be covered under my home insurance?

Yes, they will. Our household insurance calculator takes into consideration the risk that you may experience an incident when you have guests at your home. Specifically, we cover your guests’ belongings if they are stolen from your house. We also cover your domestic employees’ possessions in the event they’re stolen.

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