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South African's need business insurance cover


Love being your own boss? Protect your livelihood with Business Insurance quotes that will help you hustle without wrecking your budget. No matter what kind of business you own in South Africa, you can get an affordable Business Insurance quote made just for you.

Plus, with every Business Insurance policy, you automatically get Biz Assist, our business assistance benefit that makes running your own business a breeze. We’re here to take a load off your chest, and leave you to do what you do best, working on your business. Get an affordable Business Insurance quote from Budget today.


Business Insurance in South Africa

What is Business Insurance?


Business Insurance is there to protect you against the many risks that come with running a business. Whether it’s your machinery breaking, your tools getting stolen, water damage in your shop, or an unexpected lawsuit – Business Insurance will cover the costs. Certain risks come with running your own business, and without Business Insurance you will be left having to cover the financial costs that come with these unfortunate events yourself.


Why do you need Business Insurance in South Africa?


Running a business in South Africa comes with a host of risks, from theft and fire damage to liability lawsuits. And should disaster strike, very few businesses would be able to continue to operate or to cover such risks financially.

When it comes to insurance, there is not the same amount of state protection in South Africa compared to other countries. Which is why it is important for businesses to take out their own Business Insurance in order to protect themselves.

Some of the possible risks that your business may face that need to be covered:

  • Theft and burglary.

  • Business interruption.

  • Personal accident cover (cover for individuals and employees at your business premises).

  • Damage to electronic equipment (cover for the reinstatement of lost data and computer programmes).

  • Fire which results in damage to the business premises.

  • Liability losses (for example, if you negligently cause damage at a client's premises).

  • Vehicle damage (including car hire while you wait for repairs to be done).

From costly damages to expensive legal fees, these unexpected costs can be financially crippling for your business – making Business Insurance the more affordable option.


Types of Business Insurance offered by Budget


At Budget, we know that your business is unique and that it requires cover that speaks directly to those needs.This is why when you choose Budget Business Insurance you get to choose the specific type of cover that your business needs. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, a doctor, a mechanic or anything in between, with us, you only pay for what you need.

We have specialised cover for Office Business Insurance, Professional Business Insurance, Tradesman Business Insurance, Medical Business Insurance, General Business Insurance, Guesthouse and Bed & Breakfast Business Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, Directors & Officers Insurance and Business Vehicle Insurance. Just like your business, our insurance is unique to you.



What does Professional Business Insurance cover specifically?


At Budget, we understand that professional business owners like architects, lawyers, accountants, and engineers face unique risks, which is why we offer specialised Professional Business Insurance. We cover you for a range of risks that you might face on a daily basis such as accounts receivable compensation if your financial records are lost or destroyed, fire damage to your machinery, tools, and equipment, theft of your business goods, and public liability. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and deserve to have an insurance partner that understands your needs, backing you up when you need it most.


What does Business Insurance cover?


At Budget, we provide the right combinations of our traditional policy sections to ensure that your business is comprehensively looked after. 

Then, depending on your business and its needs, Business Insurance includes:

  • Motor Cover

Cover for your business’ vehicles against damage, loss, theft and liability to third parties or their property should you be held legally responsible. 

  • Fire Cover

For damage to your buildings, machinery, tools, equipment and all other contents, fixtures and fittings, stock and materials, and miscellaneous items.

  • Business Interruption

Cover for loss of income and/or profits due to loss or damage to your business property.

  • Buildings Combined

Cover for the permanent structure of your business due to loss or damage.

  • Office Contents

Cover for the office furniture that you keep on your business premises.

  • Accounts Receivable 

Compensation should you not be able to trace amounts owed to you because your financial records were lost or destroyed.

  • Theft Cover 

For loss or damage of your business goods that are kept on your business premises due to theft /attempted theft.

  • Money Cover

For the loss or damage to your cash, cheques or your safe.

  • Fidelity Guarantee

Cover for losses due to fraudulent acts committed by employees.

  • Glass Cover

For the fixed glass at your business premises.

  • Electronic Equipment Cover

For any electronic equipment that processes data and licensed software used for business purposes kept at the premises.

  • Business All Risk Cover

For your business items that are regularly taken away from your business premises.

  • Goods In Transit Cover

For business goods or goods that you are responsible for when they are being transported.

  • Accidental Damage 

Cover for your business goods or goods you are responsible for at your business premises against accidental loss or damage which are not excluded on your policy.

  • Machinery Breakdown 

Cover against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to any machinery or part thereof occurring at your business premises. 

  • Machinery Breakdown Business Interruption 

Covers you for any loss of income as a result of sudden and unforeseen physical damage to any machinery described in the machinery breakdown section of your policy, if it occurred at your business premises. 

  • Deterioration of Stock 

Cover following the breakdown of machinery that is insured under your machinery breakdown section of this policy.

  • Motor Traders Cover – for vehicles not owned by you 

Cover for vehicles not owned by you, but in your possession for business purposes, whether on your business premises or elsewhere. 

  • Motor Traders Cover - for vehicles owned by you

Cover for vehicles owned by you for the purpose of sale, demonstration, test driving or temporary use by your customers. 

  • Public Liability 

Cover should you be held legally responsible for injuries or death of a third party, or damage to their property, except when this relates

  • to a vehicle accident. You can extend the cover to include defective workmanship and products liability cover.

  • Employers liability provides cover if an employee holds you legally responsible for accidental death, injuries or illness suffered while carrying out his/her duties of employment except in the event of a vehicle accident. 

  • Group Personal Accident Cover

Provides cover for an insured principal, business partner, director or employee, referred to as the insured, of the insured business becomes permanently disabled, incurs non-medical expenses or dies as a result of an accident.


What other types of Business Insurance does Budget offer?


We want to provide your business with the cover it needs to ensure that you have peace of mind, no matter the circumstances. Professional Business Insurance is typically for businesses such as law firms, architects, accountants and engineers. 

If it doesn’t seem to be the right fit for you or your business, then perhaps one of these categories is a better fit for you. 


Tradesman Business Insurance  


This is the perfect type of insurance for someone who’s out on the road all the time. Examples of tradesmen are plumbers, electricians, painters and handymen, amongst others.


Medical Business Insurance


Medical professionals such as doctors, dentists, psychiatrists and veterinary surgeons could require cover for anything from valuable equipment to public liability.   


General Business Insurance


Ideal for retailers, florists, hair and beauty salons, coffee shops, funeral parlours, and bookstores, General Business Insurance provides a wide range of cover for numerous eventualities. 


Guesthouse and Bed & Breakfast Business Insurance


For guesthouses and B&B’s, having people staying on your property opens up a whole new array of risks.


Biz Assist benefits


At Budget, we like to go the extra mile when it comes to providing you with the best cover at the most affordable prices. Which is why our Biz Assist benefits are included in all policies (except Specialist Liability policies), at no additional cost. This benefit provides 24/7 online and telephonic support, offering you advice on how to grow your business and even giving you access to special discounts ranging from stationery to car hire. 


Professional Business Insurance quotes


You’ve got nothing to lose by getting an affordable Professional Business Insurance quote from Budget! Call us on 0861 08 88 90 or leave your details and we’ll get back to you with a quote that suits your business and fits your budget.


Affordable, ‘cos you can’t afford not to!