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Payment Holiday FAQs


We know there are times when things might be a little unclear. Thus, we’ve combined all the questions that we are asked most often and answered them right here. Browse through these to see if maybe we’ve answered yours, if not you can always chat to us directly online or visit our contact us page for all our contact information.


1) What is Budget Payment Holiday?

a) The Budget Payment Holiday is a benefit included in our Comprehensive Plus car cover. It offers you an annual one-month break from paying your car insurance premium.

2) What is Comprehensive Plus?

a) It is an optional Comprehensive cover type which includes the Budget Payment Holiday benefit/offer.

3) How do I sign up for the Comprehensive Plus cover?

New clients are given the option to select Comprehensive Plus as the type of cover they would like to insure their car with, at sale stage. Existing policyholders can also amend their policies at any time to move their motor cars to this cover type at an additional cost.

3) Am I still covered comprehensively if I take the Comprehensive Plus cover?

a) Yes, the Budget Payment Holiday is an additional benefit included in the Comprehensive Plus cover, which still provides full Comprehensive cover.

4) How do I qualify for a Budget Payment Holiday?

a) In order to qualify for your Budget Payment Holiday you must have selected Comprehensive Plus cover for your car, and

i) In order to qualify for your Budget Payment Holiday in the first year of cover, you must

(1) remain claims-free on this car (s) for 11 consecutive months; and

(2) pay all premiums on this car (s) for the preceding 11 months.

ii) In order to qualify for your Budget Payment Holiday in the second year of cover and onwards, you must

(1) remain claims-free on this car (s) for 12 consecutive months; and

(2) pay all premiums on this car (s) for the preceding 11 months.

5) If I qualify, when will I receive the Payment Holiday?

a) You will receive the Payment Holiday in the 12th month after the Comprehensive Plus cover commences e.g. If you take out Comprehensive Plus cover for your car in December 2020, you would then not pay that car’s insurance premium in December 2021.

6) What amount is not deducted during the Payment Holiday month, if all of the requirements are met.

a) The full premium for the car covered by Comprehensive Plus would not be deducted in that month, including any fees e.g. Sasria, Admin fees and Tracking device premiums (if applicable).

7) If I have Comprehensive Plus cover for my car and do not qualify for a Payment Holiday this year, when would the next Payment Holiday be available?

a) If you have not qualified for the Payment Holiday that year the next Payment Holiday would be available in the same month the following year e.g. If you take out Comprehensive Plus cover for your car in December 2020 and do not qualify for your December 2021 Payment Holiday, your next Payment Holiday would be available in December 2022 (assuming all criteria are met in the 12 months post December 2021).

8) What happens if I change cover from Comprehensive Plus to Third Party/Third Party, Fire and Theft/Budget Lite?

a) You will lose the Budget Payment Holiday benefit.

9) Can I move my existing car from Comprehensive to Comprehensive Plus?

a) Yes – Cover on your vehicle can be changed from Comprehensive to Comprehensive Plus. All you must do is notify Budget Insurance.   

10) How does the Budget Payment holiday work if I have more than one car on my policy?

a) The Budget Payment holiday is only applicable to car on the Comprehensive Plus cover.  This means that if you only have two car on your policy and they are both insured on Comprehensive Plus cover, when your Payment Holiday month comes around you would not need to pay your premium on those two car. However, if you have two car, Car A on standard Comprehensive cover and Car B on Comprehensive Plus cover, you only need to pay your insurance premium for Car A, as Car B will enjoy the benefit of the Payment Holiday assuming the criteria have been met.

11) Can I insure my Home Contents or Buildings with Comprehensive Plus?

a) The Comprehensive Plus cover, including the Budget Payment Holiday, is only applicable to motor cars, which means that if you have Non-motor risk items (Home Contents, Buildings and Portable possession cover) on your policy you would still pay those premiums during the Payment Holiday month.

12) If I have chosen Comprehensive Plus for my car, when would this cover expire?

a) In the event that you selected Comprehensive Plus for your car(s), your car(s) will remain on the Comprehensive Plus cover – and the associated Payment Holiday will be applicable for the duration of your car’s cover with us.

13) Do all claims submitted affect my Budget Payment Holiday?

a) Any claims submitted for other risk items e.g. Home Contents, Buildings, Portable Possessions and other cars not on Comprehensive Plus, would not affect your Budget Payment Holiday

b) All car related claims against the Comprehensive Plus cover would affect your Budget Payment Holiday except for the 2 claims below:

i) Car stolen (if an approved tracking system or systems were fitted in the car)

ii) Windscreen chip repairs