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Fine Support

Most road users have received a fine for a minor road infringement at some stage yet often these are not paid, which can lead to increased penalties or even legal action.

Digicall will notify you of all new fines issued and then provide a quick, easy and painless channel to get these fines paid. You may also receive reductions to your fines.

Fine Support services consist of:

  • A quick and efficient traffic fines monitoring and notification system
  • Full legal assistance to assess the legitimacy and legality of fines
  • Possible fines reduction
  • An easy, quick, safe and secure fines payment facility
  • Proof of fines settlement


No queues or administrative nightmares when dealing with the Traffic Department. You have the benefit of a safe, secure fines payment facility that provides proof of settlement and peace of mind that there will be no nasty surprises at a future roadblock.


We pass on 100% of all discounts or reductions to you.


Our expert team provides full legal and administrative support and representation for all matters related to traffic fines.


For purposes of this Agreement the following terms shall have the following meaning:

  1. “Authority” means any governmental authority which has the authority to enforce laws;
  2. “Fines” means fines issued by a relevant Authority in respect of infringements

under the National Road Safety Act, 46 of 1988 (“NRSA”), the National Road Traffic Act, 93 of 1996 (“NRTA”), the Road Transportation Act, 74 of 1977 (“RTA”), and any other legislation pertaining to the utilisation of a public road, as defined in the NRTA, including, without limitation, any such sub-ordinate legislation, regulations and by-laws pertaining to any of the aforementioned; and

  1. “Issued” means a Fine posted on the website
  2. “Licences” means (i) motor vehicle licences issued by a registering authority in accordance with Chapter III, Part I of the regulations to the NRTA (“Motor  Vehicle Licence”).

Fine Support Terms & Conditions

  1. Digicall will use reasonable endeavors to identify and notify Members via email, SMS or telephone call of Fines that are posted onto
  1. The Member should note that issued Fines may from time to time not be displayed on for payment as there may be delays in loading these Fines. The onus rests on the Member to notify Digicall without delay if he/ she becomes aware of any issued Fines.
  1. Digicall will not render the Fine Support services in relation to Fines that do not provide an option of an admission of guilt by the Member and Fines that do not state an amount on the Fine.
  1. Digicall will render the Fine Support services as set out below in respect of Fines that are not posted onto www., provided that Digicall must be notified of these by the Member in writing before the Fine Support service can commence in relation to such Fines.
  1. Digicall shall use reasonable endeavors to negotiate a discount of the amount of the Fine originally imposed by the applicable Authority.
  1. Digicall will notify the Member of the amount of the Fine to be paid, which amount must be paid by the Member to Digicall within 15 days of the date of the said notification. Digicall will pay the Fine on behalf of the Member to the relevant Authority. The full discount agreed to by the relevant Authority will be passed back to the Member.
  1. The Fine Support service is limited to Fines issued to Members by South African Authorities only.
  1. The Fine Support service is limited to the Member.
  1. In order to be entitled to the Fine Support service a Member’s membership must be fully paid up at the time of the Fine being Issued.
  1. At the time of the Fine you must comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the NRSA, the NRTA, the RTA and any other legislation pertaining to the utilization of a public road, as defined in the NRTA, including, without limitation, any such sub-ordinate legislation, regulations and by-laws pertaining to any of the aforementioned.
  1. Digicall does not guarantee the performance of any traffic department or any other Authority dealing with Fines.
  1. Fine Support will take reasonable steps to obtain proof from the relevant Authority that a Fine was paid and will furnish such proof to the Member.
  1. The Fine Support service does not include any services relating to any de-merit points reductions made in respect of the Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO) Act nr 46 of 1998.