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7 ways to cut the costs this Valentine’s Day

Finance & Money

Posted on Wednesday, February 6, 2019

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Talking about affordable Valentine’s Day gifts isn’t the most romantic thing. But the truth is that many people who choose to celebrate this day are all thinking the same thing: how can I plan the best Valentine’s Day experience without spending the equivalent of a month’s rent?

If you enjoy spoiling your partner on this most romantic of days – but you want to do so in a way that is both affordable and meaningful – here is a list of 7 ideas that may spark some inspiration and definitely won’t blow your budget.


  1. Create meaningful ‘vouchers’

Whether it’s for a foot massage, a week off housework or something slightly more romantic, you can give your partner voucher to use at any time. Design something simple using a free online business card template and print them out, or just write it in a card.


  1. Find something free (and different) in your area

Wherever you live in SA, you are no doubt close to someplace interesting, and if not entirely free, then at least affordable to experience (and maybe even for the first time). Whether it’s getting out into nature, visiting a cool art gallery or exploring a little museum that you didn’t know was in your town, finding something free or affordable to do in your area just takes a little research – from using Google to asking friends, family and colleagues for suggestions.


  1. Stay in

Struggling to find a table among the thousands of other couples on Valentine’s Day is not many people’s idea of fun, so why not stay in and make your partner’s favourite restaurant dinner at home? If cooking makes you nervous, you can always use the internet for help. Try UCOOK, Daily Dish or DayToDay for meals that are nutritious, delicious and impressive.


  1. Make the time quality time

Turn off phones and put away distractions. Ensure that the time you spend together on Valentine’s Day is that one precious thing we all strive for more of in our lives – quality time. Listen to music, lie outside and look at the stars, or watch your favourite old movie. Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like the simple pleasure of being together.


  1. Make time to have lunch together

During a busy work day, it may seem impossible to have lunch with your partner. However, making time to meet in the day is something romantic, special and different. Skip the busy restaurants and rather take a packed lunch of both your favourite foods.


  1. Make a mixtape

Remember those? If you don’t, then the idea is the same today as it was a few decades ago. A mixtape is creating a playlist of your partner's favourite. Getting hold of an actual tape recorder may be harder than its worth, but you can create a personalised playlist on Spotify, YouTube or Apple Music (at a subscription cost) for your love as a gift.


  1. Write a handwritten love letter

Love letters have existed for centuries. There is nothing more romantic or meaningful than your own words written in your own handwriting.

As you can see, meaningful and affordable can go together on Valentine’s Day. Showing that you care does not require you to get into debt or to overspend. It’s what’s in your heart that counts.

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