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Gift giving on a budget

Finance & Money

Posted on Thursday, December 3, 2015

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There is always a lot of pressure to find that perfect gift for someone. But finding the money for it can become quite tricky and sometimes it’s plain impossible. Moreover, putting yourself in financial trouble to give someone something special is never a good idea.

Luckily, we put our heads together and came up with 10 really cool gift ideas that the recipient will enjoy and that will be kind to your monthly budget.


The gift of TV. For only R99 you can give someone a whole month (or months depending on how much you’d like to spend) of premium shows. All they need is a working internet connection and a screen – Cellphone, TV, iPad, computer etc.


Teaching someone how to do something is the gift that keeps on giving. Search for classes for cooking, crafting or whatever your recipient is interested in. Also look on Groupon as they sometimes have special deals on a variety of classes.


Visit your local nursery and buy a selection of herb or veggie plants. Put the plants in a nice container that your recipient can keep in their kitchen. Done. Cooking with fresh herbs is very convenient and now he/she will think of you every time they use it. For fun, you can give them a homemade seedling kit: seeds and a pot with soil and compost. Kids especially will love this as they can see how the plants grow.


Lookout for specials on wine or search online, some online cellars offer great wine at affordable prices; not just on wine but also on craft beer, whiskey etc.

Baked goods

Are your baked goods legendary amongst your friends? Then give them some baked goodies. You can bake a large batch of cookies, one of your legendry cakes or breads – the list is endless and your friends will love it.


If your friends would like to make their very own goods, give them the recipe and all the dry ingredients already mixed in ‘n nice jar or tin for a bread, pancakes, or cookies etc. Or buy a really nice cup and add all the (dry) ingredients needed to make a great hot chocolate (maybe add a cookie or two).

iTunes Or Google Play gift card

You can buy these at any grocery store and they range from R150 to R450 per card. These cards never expire and they can be used to buy music, books or apps; whatever your recipient desires.


Do you have friends with kids? Offer your babysitting services for a couple for nights so that the happy couple can have some fun on their own.

Group gifts

If you know that the giftee needs or desperately wants something very expensive, get a group of friends together and let everyone chip in for the gift.


Very similar to mixes, buy all the things you need to start a new hobby such as knitting or gardening. For kids you can put together a colouring kit or a stamp set. Your imagination (and budget) is the limit of what you can do.

Regardless of what you give or get this festive season, remember to keep your home insurance updated. We might not be able to replace memories but we can at least pay you out should the unfortunate happen. The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice.