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7 Ways to save money over the holidays


Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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 It’s holiday time! Are you ready for sun, surf, slacking off from work, and… saving money? No? December has got to be the WORST month for saving money. Between Christmas presents and holidays, it’s tough to scrape together even an extra cent at this time of the year.

However, with a little budgeting advice, it’s not as difficult as you might think, especially when we’ve got your back. Here are some tips for making it through these holidays with more than a few cents in your account.


1. Secret saving Santa

You love to shower your loved ones with gifts, and you love to open presents, but man, it gets expensive buying things for every member of your family, extended family, blended family, and friends! One way to solve this is to do Secret Santa. If you’ve never done it before, the game is simple – everybody buys one other person a gift. That’s it! Everyone gets a present and gift-giving doesn’t get out of hand.


2. Penny-pinching potluck

The Americans call it potluck; you might call it a bring & braai or a tjop & dop. However you refer to it, having guests at your gatherings bring a salad, starter, main or dessert is a great way to not only include everyone in the prep, but to save a considerable amount of money. Food isn’t getting any cheaper, so having everyone chip in with an affordable amount can really cut down on expenses over the festive season.


3. Free fun

Keeping the kids busy over the festive period can be a difficult and often costly task, so why not keep an eye out for free or low-cost activities in your city that they can enjoy? From Christmas markets, to museums, to nature reserves, there are bound to be multiple ways to keep them entertained without breaking the bank.


4. Budget on bargains

At this time of the year, sales are your friends. Buying your local newspaper each week or visiting online comparison sites to find discounts is an excellent way to save money without compromising on quality or quantity when it comes to buying presents, food, and even holidays. You can also look at factory stores where merchandise is often sold at heavily discounted rates. Check out Factory Shop Hob, an online directory of factory stores all over South Africa, where you’ll find details on clothing, furniture, homeware, and food and beverage. You can visit their site here:


5. Frugal finances

We talk about budgeting a lot because it really is the only way to see you through tough economic times. Having a financial plan doesn’t mean that you have to give up all the fun and lock yourself in your home until the year is over. It’s just a matter of setting your own limits – whatever is comfortable for you – and sticking to them.


6. Post-seasonal price-drops

When your budget is tight, why not wait for the holidays to be over before buying some of your gifts? Huge savings can be had with small gifts like chocolates and sweets, because stores often discount these items right after the festive period. This means you can make your loved ones happy even after Christmas with some sweet treats, and save while you’re at it!


7. Inexpensive insurance

If you’re worried about what your bank account will look like after the holidays, consider switching to Budget. When you bundle your car and home insurance, you save by getting 5%* off your car insurance and a massive 15%* off your home contents cover!

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