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6 easy ways to save money on gifts

Finance & Money

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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The South African summer holiday season comes with lots of excitement, as well as its own fair share of financial responsibility. Whether you celebrate Christmas or just like to splash out on New Year’s Day, you are going to have to prepare your budget to stretch as far as it can go during this time. 



For many in our country, it’s a time for giving and receiving, and everyone is feeling the pressure to spend big on gifts. However, you can buck the trend and give meaningful presents while still sticking to a budget. 



If you’re looking for a few great gift ideas that are suitable for any holiday or event that you may celebrate, and which will still give you the room to pay off debt, save money and stick to a budget, we’ve got you covered. 


1. Go thrifting


Second-hand shopping is currently a big trend, and it’s easy to see why. The items that you can find in your local charity shop are wide-ranging. Yes, you might have to dig around a bit, but you often will come across a treasure that you know someone you love will appreciate. Books, knick-knacks, framed pictures, vintage champagne glasses, and unique clothing are all available at a fraction of the cost elsewhere, plus they are one of a kind. 


2. Get your DIY on


You might not be able to put up a shelf or build a shed, but you don’t have to go to extremes when it comes to DIY gifts. Some examples can include home-made slime in a jar for kids or home-made bath salts or body scrubs (there are lots of simple recipes available online for both of these), mason jars rammed with little plastic dinosaurs, hairbands or cocktail mixers. The options are endless and your loved ones will no doubt be touched by the thought and effort that went into it. 


3. Buy gifts in bulk


There are clever ways to use the same gift to give the ones you love things they will really need. For example, buy iTunes vouchers for the teens in your family, or a box of wine and give a bottle each to your friends to enjoy. It’s the thought that counts and it will save you time and the stress of hunting down individual gifts for everyone.  


4. Gift your time or skills 


Time is money, so if you have something that you can offer that will be useful, why not donate your time as a gift? If you are good with kids, you could provide an exhausted parent a night off to go out, or you could spend a few hours teaching your Ouma how to use her new cellphone or, if you are artistic, you could design a party invitation for someone who will be celebrating an event soon. 


5. Spread some green love


Plants are a beautiful, affordable and thoughtful gift for any adult in your life. They last longer than a bunch of flowers and they will remind the recipient of you every time they look at them. Alternatively, seeds or bulbs for planting are a great gift for any green-fingered friend. If you really want to splash out, wrap them with a small spade or pair of gardening gloves as an extra. 


6. Framed photos


Got a beautiful shot of you and a friend, or a special family picture that you love? Get as many reprints as you need and source affordable frames. The older generation in your family will love these pictures to show off to their friends, and they can represent a meaningful memory to those you are close to.





The information contained in this article is for information purposes only and does not constitute professional advice.


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