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5 Budget-friendly Shopping Tips for Easter

Finance & Money

Posted on Friday, April 1, 2022

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Easter is here, so it’s time for festivities and plenty of treats! But… before you head for the shops, it’s important to have your finances in check. Use these tips to get budget-ready.


1. Plan ahead

Map out what your Easter festivities will be. Budget-friendly ways to plan it include:


  • hosting breakfast or brunch instead of lunch
  • having a bring ’n share where everyone contributes to the meal
  • keeping festivities intimate by only celebrating with those you live with


2. Keep your eyes peeled for sales

Check your favourite online stores and shops for promotions or sales and keep them in mind when mapping out your stops at the mall. This could mean buying groceries at one shop and other items (e.g. decorations or paper plates) at another. Lastly, get the most bang for your buck by using your loyalty points!


3. Sort through your pantry first

You’ll be surprised at how many items you’ve stashed away in your cupboards. Before restocking your pantry, unpack groceries items from your kitchen cupboards and do an audit of everything that you have. This will prevent you from wasting money buying food or other items that you already have. Print out a handy list from Pinterest or use a notebook to check off all your items.


4. Make a list and stick to it

It’s easy to forget important items sometimes, but having a list means you’re less likely to spend impulsively. Use your pantry list and Easter menu as a guide to create your shopping list. Double-check the cupboards and fridge too. Write down your list, type it on your smartphone’s Note app, or use a handy app like AnyList.


5. Eat before going out

Going to a mall or shops when you’re hungry could easily lead to overspending. From takeaway shops to restaurants and the snack aisle, there are many opportunities for you to empty your wallet, so have a snack or light meal that will keep the hunger at bay. This could be in the form of a sandwich, some fruit and nuts, or a snack bar. You can even pack a snack if you’re in a time crunch.


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