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Preparing your home for entertaining

Its all Insurance

Posted on Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Got guests coming for the first night of holidays, or throwing a huge home party? What about family arriving from overseas? It's the season to be sociable and every host wants to be cool, calm and collected when they open the front door to those first guests.


However, having friends and guests in your home means you need to consider the variables. Is it a safe space for visitors; are your valuables safe and is your property designed for the type of party you’re hosting? The last thing you want is to have to fork out money to fix things that are broken or lost on your property, or worse – pay out for a guest who was in some way injured on your property and wants compensation. This obviously depends on the type of party you’re hosting – your friends won’t sue you, but your colleague’s wife’s friend might.


Here are a few ways to prepare your home and save for all those unexpected expenses, as well as prepare for the worst, if you are hosting a party at home this summer.


Spick and span

The warmer weather means throwing open the windows and letting the natural light in. Before your guests arrive, give every corner a good scrub and reorganise those areas that have become a mess.


Check that it’s safe for entertaining

Stand outside your house and pretend you’re a guest. Walk through your property and check any areas that could pose a hazard. If you don’t have children and are hosting parents with kids, it’s very important that your space is child-friendly. Is the pool covered? Are there plug protectors in place? What about stairs? If you’ll have people stay over for the night, ensure that there are no hazards outside where guests can trip or potentially hurt themselves, and ensure there is sufficient lighting and ease of access around any tables or equipment you may have set up.


Inform the neighbours

Do the right thing and let your neighbours know, especially if you are hosting a larger event. A friendly heads-up could possibly prevent any animosity later on. Give them your contact details so they can call you if they have a complaint, rather than call the police.


Limit the alcohol

Switch to non-alcoholic beverages at a certain point in the night and start serving tea, coffee and soft drinks instead. If a guest is visibly intoxicated, encourage them to drink water and limit further consumption. As the host, it’s your responsibility to ensure you stay in control and are able to deal with any issues quickly and efficiently.


Don’t advertise your party on social media

Keep a guest list and ensure you know who’s attending. If the word spreads, you could end up with many uninvited guests. Not only is it costly, but it also means that there’s a higher risk of the party getting out of hand.


Check your home insurance

If you are planning a large party, especially if it involves guests you don’t know well, give your insurance company a call and check that your cover is sufficient. And if you don’t have insurance, it’s a good idea to protect yourself and your home contents by requesting a quote and getting covered as soon as possible. 


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