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Mother's Day: Making Mom feel special

House & Home

Posted on Monday, May 3, 2021

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Moms are superheroes dressed in normal clothes, and that’s a fact! They tend to all of our needs with no questions asked or complaints. They fight battles we know nothing about and do it wearing a smile on their faces. They carry the weight of our worlds on their shoulders and still have room to ask: ‘Is there anything else you need?’ Take a moment to imagine what the world would be like without a mother’s love, a mother’s touch, a mother’s presence… And this is why we celebrate our mothers.


We know you’re stressing about what to get Mom for her Mother’s Day gifts. The great thing is that  telling Mom you love her on Mother’s Day can be done in the most creative and expressive of ways. Start with these Mother’s Day-celebration ideas:



Travel’ for a day


You may not be able to take her to Italy, but you can certainly bring Italy to her. Find out what your mom’s dream destination is and bring it to life in your backyard or the comfort of your home. Add popular and traditional elements associated with that particular country to your set-up and even your menu. Think of the kind of theme you want to run with and the kinds of activities to include in this ‘day trip’. 


Create a dining experience


Set up a table in the kitchen, patio or garden and play her favourite songs in the background. Create a specially made menu with all of her favourite meal options and let her order from it like she would at a restaurant. Include her favourite drinks and dessert.



Let’s get scrapbooking


Scrapbooking is one of the most thoughtful ways to show someone how much you appreciate them, so there’s no doubt that this might bring a tear or two to her eye. If you put it together well, the final product can look tasteful. It's really all about using what you have well. You can also get tons of inspiration online. Here are steps to get the process going: 


  • Choose a look and feel for your scrapbook.
  • Collect souvenirs from shared memories with your mother and use them creatively.
  • Make use of photographs (just make sure they are copies).
  • Get free printable backgrounds from MyScrapNook.


Take your creativity up a notch and create a digital scrapbook that can be presented as a film. There are a number of online platforms that offer the option of creating digital scrapbooks, like Canva.



Crochet it


With winter around the corner, get Mamzo ready for the chilly weather with a cute scarf, beanie or small blanky.


If you’ve never crocheted in your life, you have nothing to worry about. YouTube offers a world of video tutorials and crash courses for almost anything, crocheting included. Consider some of these accounts to get you started:



Give her a break


It might come as a surprise to you, but moms find joy in the simple things, like not having to wake up and a clean house or clean up after anyone. So give her a break. Grab your gloves, bucket, mop, cloth, broom… and make that house sparkle! Tackle the big tasks like:


  • washing the dishes;
  • cleaning the bathrooms;
  • sweeping and mopping;
  • cooking – breakfast, lunch and supper;
  • laundry and ironing; and
  • anything else you can think of.


The beauty in love is that it can be expressed in so many ways. Show your mother how much you love her.