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7 Packing and moving tips

House & Home

Posted on Friday, May 29, 2020

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Is it possible to pack up your belongings and move house without getting stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed with emotion? We think so! Boxing up your life and starting again somewhere else is hugely exciting, so here are a few ways you can seize the excitement and skip the stress – while saving money on removal companies too.


  1. Throw away anything you don’t need

Moving presents the perfect opportunity to reduce the amount of unwanted clutter in your life. If there are items of furniture in your home you’ve never liked much, or clothing that you haven’t worn in years, start by sifting through them and deciding what to sell or what to donate to an organisation that will pass them on to someone in need. Items that are in good condition but don’t fit into your new home can be sold and the money can go towards new furniture. A massive purge will have an enormous impact on the efficiency and ease of your packing and unpacking process.


  1. Find the right moving company at the right price

It’s a competitive industry, so it’s a good idea to phone around for quotes before making a final decision. Ask for recommendations of reliable and trustworthy companies from friends and family. Some companies will provide bubble wrap and moving boxes and do all the packing for you, others will expect you to pack your own items and have them ready when the removal team arrives. Find one that fits into your budget.


  1. Make a checklist

You’ll sleep better at night if you have an extensive checklist with all the things you need to remember regarding your move. Nothing is too insignificant to put on the list. Sleep with a pad of paper and a pen next to your bed so you can write down anything that pops into your head before you forget it, or research the best “to-do list” app.


  1. Ask for free boxes at the supermarket

You don’t need to purchase boxes, just ask your local supermarket for any boxes they might have. Also try large supermarkets and liquor stores, which usually have a stack in a depot nearby. Select boxes that have as little wear as possible, and double up on the packaging tape.


  1. Label boxes clearly as you go

Labelling boxes is key to an easy, stress-free unpacking process. Label the top of the box as well as the sides. If you like, colour-code boxes with different-coloured tape for different rooms of the house. Take it a step further by numbering the boxes and writing down the contents of each box as you pack it. Pack all the items you know you will need first, such as scissors, phone chargers, coffee plunger and toilet paper into clear plastic containers so they are immediately accessible.


  1. Allow time and money for anything that needs fixing

When focused on your new home, it’s easy to forget that you may have to have your current space perfect and ready for new tenants or owners by the time you leave. Ask a handyman to come around and give you a quote on all the little things that need fixing, and for repainting. You don’t want to be left with unresolved issues to sort out when you have moved on.


  1. Wrap big items properly

Don’t skimp on the correct packing equipment when it comes to your big-ticket items. Heavy-duty mover’s blankets are specially designed to keep your bigger furniture – like tables, couches and beds – safe from humidity, moisture, bugs and dust, so use them.


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