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25 ways to save this year

House & Home

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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Every year we make New Year’s resolutions ranging from losing weight to being more patient to being more open to new experiences and so on. And by the end of January all our good intentions have been forgotten and the resolutions broken.

Not this year! Not regarding your budget. This year we will stand by you with money savvy life hacks on how to save money. We’ve found 25 small changes you can implement in your day-to-day activities that will save you loads in the long run.

  1. Start a budget. Google “Budget templates”, if you’re stuck.
  2. Stick to your budget!
  3. Search online for special offers and discounts on goods, restaurants and travel destinations.
  4. Take advantage of loyalty and rewards cards – you’re already spending money at the shop; you might as well be rewarded.
  5. Cancel your gym membership, if you don’t really use it as well as you should. Go for a run in the park or try a free app.
  6. Buy food that’s not fresh in bulk, especially when they go on offer.
  7. Grow your own herbs, even if you only have a couple of windowsills to use.
  8. Plan for the festive season, open a “festive” account, and deposit money in every month, so that you won’t be hit too hard in December.
  9. Start buying next year’s Christmas decorations, or even some of the pricier presents, the moment they go on sale.
  10. Turn off and unplug appliances (where you can), if you’re not using them.
  11. Visit the library, join a book swap club or visit a second hand bookshop and ask about their return policy instead of buying new ones.
  12. Better yet, download free e-books – there’s millions out there in all the genres.
  13. Don’t buy it, unless you really need it.
  14. Keep your loose change in a jar to cash in at the bank. Just remember that they want the coins sorted.
  15. Check your bills for mistakes.
  16. Sell your old phone when you upgrade.
  17. Say hello to Meatless Mondays.
  18. Try to grow the more expensive fruit and veg you consume yourself.
  19. Divvy your garden up into sections to get the rest of the family involved, such as a pizza section – tomatoes, oregano, peppers and onions.
  20. If you sow too much of your produce for your household to consume, sell or trade the excess.
  21. Sign up for a free (or almost free) online course.
  22. Only draw money from your bank’s ATMs.
  23. Put your saving deposit on a debit order, so it’s automated.
  24. Just say no! Can’t afford it, save for it, don’t buy it or don’t go.
  25. Complete a Budget Car Insurance Quote to see how much you can save on your insurance.

The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and do not constitute professional advice.